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Brunson’s professional life is very good enough but whether she is living her personal life or not is still a mystery. It seems that she is completely focusing on her career and is willing to set new record through her performance. Three years ago Rebekkah Brunson surprised everyone when she played WNBA final with eight month pregnancy. In this win again her performance had had been incredibly diligent. But still no one knows about the baby daddy. Last year twist come in her love life when she comes up with pretty wife. Undoubtedly she is not straight. So, currently 34 years old Rebekkah is giving proper time to girlfriend. From her social media status its look like that they are also living together.

Wife or Girlfriend Name: Bobbi Jo Lamar

  • Is Rebekkah Brunson Married? No

Husband or Baby Daddy: Still Not Reveal

This professional basketball player was born in Washington, D.C. She has maintained a low profile of her early life. During high school days she was a member of basketball team and was given the title of All-Met team. She received her graduation degree from Georgetown; she was an all time leading re bounder at the team.

Twelve years ago she started her professional career when she was drafted by Sacramento Monarchs. She played six seasons with Monarchs and enables the team to win the WNBA Championship. Seven years ago, the Monarchs suspend its label then Minnesota drafted her while in a dispersal draft. Later on, she set a new record in the NBA history and was awarded multiple titles.

a relationship of Rebekkah A pic when she was Pregnant

Brunson is also known for her overseas career. She played basketball for Taranto and USK Prague. Currently, she is giving her best for Dynamo Kursk. In her career span she has also present USA several times and made them memorable events. She is also a philanthropist. She has created thirty two foundations for Youth and manages its smooth. The established foundations are offering academic and athletic opportunities to youngsters. As mentioned earlier that her career is very clear but her private is full with twists.

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