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Raini Rodriguez Boyfriend Name Is Raini Rodriguez Married in 2021

There are many fans of Raini Rodriguez who do not know that currently, she has a boyfriend or not? That is very funny to be asked because she has not hidden anything about her personal life. Clearly, she is Single but Calum Worthy is one of her very good friend. Calum is a Canadian writer as well as an actor. From 2012, the duo is together and shared number of friendly outing. Undoubtedly, their friendship is very popular in the entertainment industry. This is the true fellowship which is totally based on affection and care. If you have a look at below-given pictures of the couple you will see the respect in their expressions as well.

Apart from this, Raini also had a brief relationship with William Brent. But right now they are also just good friends.

  • Is Raini Rodriguez Dating in 2021?

Raini Rodriguez Boyfriend Name:

  • Still, in wait for a suitable individual.

Who is Raini Rodriguez Married to?

  • Raini Rodriguez Husband:

She is Single now.

Status: Clearly Single

raini rodriguez and calum worthy tumblr

This is the brief personal life details of this talented singer and actress, further, looked over her bio and career.

Short Bio on Raini Rodriguez:

She is the daughter of Roy Rodriguez (mother) and Diane Rodriguez (mother). She has three siblings, an eldest sister Rico Rodriguez who is also an actress and two brothers named Roy Jr. and Ray. Her father is running his own local business ‘Rodriguez Tire Service’. She has Mexican root. She is home-schooled by her mother.

Short Carrer Detail of Raini Rodriguez:

According to Rodriguez career record, a Californian talent hunt agent Susan Osser, find out her skills during the IMTA showcase event and told it to her mother. Osser advised her mother to manage her activities and took her to Los Angeles where she will have better opportunities. By 11, her mother noticed her suggestion and took her to Los Angeles.

Furthermore, ‘Huff’ was her first project on the television screen and she presented the role of Denise. After the success of the series, Raini worked on many other series like Handy Mandy, Growing Up and Down, Mutt & Stuff and so on. Her popular movies are ‘Babysitters Beware’, ‘Gordita’, ‘Slice of Water’, ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop’ and it’s a spin-off and much more. She is presented by Imagen Award for her notable work in Austin & Ally in 2013. Undoubtedly, his entire career is full of quality work.

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