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Raffaella Fico Baby Father New Boyfriend Gianluca Tozzi

Raffaella Fico Baby Father is Mario Balotelli their relation will break after this birth and now Raffaella attach with new boyfriend partner Gianluca Tozzi. She is having interesting stories in their entire life and she has a boyfriend who is a soccer player and the passage of time he becomes Fico baby father. Raffaella Fico baby father new boyfriend is known to be Mario Balotelli and he is one of the best football players in the world. He is famous due to best performance in their professional career. He played for Premier League club Liverpool and also played Italian national team in striker position. He started their professional career by the FC Barcelona and making a lot of struggle in their career and become great action on and off the camera screen. Raffaella Fico is one of the best celebrities and too much popular among the people of Italian due to their beauty and fashion. Raffaella Fico is a model, actress, television host and one of beautiful and most sexy personalities of Italy. She is only girl that making a lot of effort to achieve their professional goals and she won beauty contest and become Miss Grand Prix of the year 2007 and after that she become most popular among media and she participating in a lot of editions.

Raffaella Fico Black Baby

Raffaella Fico Baby Father Name: Mario Balotelli

Raffaella Fico New Boyfriend Name: Gianluca Tozzi

Fico baby father new boyfriend Mario Balotelli having very strong relation in their professional career and becomes secret initially and it’s exposed after their pregnancy and she claimed she was pregnant of Mario baby. Mario has been denied for this action but she demand for DNA test and after test proves the relationship positive and Mario responsible for this action and becomes Fico baby father. But the passage of time both don’t become stronger their relation due to this controversy and both relationship ended. Now Fico and their boyfriend both are separated and spend very happy life with their excellence profession.

Here an interesting thing is that Raffaella Fico Baby Father of her black bababy denied to accept his child but after some test and according to some proves its confirm that Mario Balotelli is father of this kid. But till black baby is remain in custody of Raffaella Fico and she also enjoy with new Boyfriend Gianluca Tozzi.

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