Questlove Girlfriend 2018 Wife Is he Married

Apparently, he looks like a weird kind of man but not in a bad sense at all. He is a man that has massive responsibilities on his shoulders. He is not a married man; he does not indulge himself in that much dating stuff. Being the best one percussionist, now his age is 48 but till he is in a search of girlfriend to commence a happy married life. Sources have been saying so that during 2018 Questlove finds a girlfriend! Is it true or not, we have to wait for a confirmation from their side. Just a few of the months back, we got a picture of Questlove and Alicia Quarles. In that, they have grasped hands, they were arm in arm. They were leaving for some party and there at that place, they were being photographed.

Who is Questlove Married?

  • Wife: No

Questlove Girlfriend 2018:

Officially he is Single Now

For the information, during last year, both of them also attend Grammy brunch. We can say that from these events and making public appearances, it can be said that he and Alicia will sooner give us the happy news that they are in some official relationship.

Questlove Girlfriend 2018 Wife Is he Married

Questlove relation

Before this, he and Padma Lakshmi were posed closely, but they are the only good friend. While his rumored relation with Zoe Kravitz was supposed to end up because of the major age difference.

Questlove relation

From his personal life, this estimation and analysis can be made that he is a lonely kind of person. He hardly finds time to search a partner for himself. He has been called as one of the hardest persons in this showbiz world. It might be due to this reason that he is not dating. He does not like to socialize that much. He hardly goes to the bar. Because of good nature, he has many good friends, but it’s his bad luck that he failed to find a soul mate among these ones.

Questlove relation

Current Status:

We think that he seems to look comfortable with Alicia. If they are partying together, if they are spending time together then it is much good and better for him. If their love lives will be making and showing some progress, we will give the latest information. First, let them have their time and space and give some time to this couple to make their relationship an official and a public one.

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