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Who is Phil Heath New Girlfriend Married to Wife Divorced

Most of the sources have been saying so that Phil Heath dumped his wife because other younger age girl came in the life of Phil! Although she is pretty lady, but she has not stepped out with her in public, maybe he will wait till the divorce get finalized with first wife. We have not yet received this information that who is that new girlfriend in the life of this bodybuilder but here we will be telling you little bit about his relationship details: Six year ago he got married with Jennie Laxson Heath. But somehow, because of some of the unknown differences, this couple had their divorced. Last year it had been reported that he split ways from his first love and he dumped her because of other girl.

  • Who is Phil Heath New Girlfriend? Name not Reveal

He has a younger girl in his life and it was because of this fact, Phil Heath put an end to his marriage. If one move back three year his wife became the patient of a breast cancer. He also posted this issue on his social media account by pondering on this issue that this disease has now become a sensitive issue in our society.

With New Love:

 Phil Heath relation

He told the media that Jennie Laxson has been hit hard by this problem. Our life just filled out with tears. But he too told that she successfully recovered from this disease because she has an assertive and a strong mind.

 Phil Heath relation

It was just 2 years back when he was praying for the life of his permanent life partner and now right after two years, another woman has stepped and entered in his life. Many of the sources have been assuming this perception that why Phil remained so much committed with her in hard time when she was having the breast cancer and why he had left her now! It is not known that who is that girl but yes it has now become a reality that Phil and his ex love Jennie are no more together now.

 Phil Heath relation

  • Is he Married after Divorced Wife: Not

Phil Heath has now gotten over from his first marriage, we still have to find out that when his married life will go on a smoother track! There is no doubt in this factor that his ex partner is also a pretty lady and they linked strongly but now things are going over. He is enjoying with this new girl and will aim to marry with her.

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