Petra Kvitova Boyfriend 2020 after EX Radek Stepanek

Petra Kvitova is now spending a difficult phase of love life. In past years, she faced two breakups one after the other. After split up from EX Radek Stepanek, her engagement with Radek Meidl was also called off in 2016. She tried to hide her breakup initially but it is difficult to hide such things for a long time. Obviously, they got engaged to hold a permanent relationship and they also tried to spend most of their time together to strengthen their equation but sometimes it just did not work. Previously, they shared their pictures on social media which shows them taking off to Dubai to spend a vacation together. They also used to appear together at events, quite often but all that just could not serve a decent deal and they ended up with a split.

Petra Kvitova Boyfriend 2020:

  • She is Single.

Who is Petra Kvitova Married to?

  • Still, Unmarried.

Who is Petra Kvitova Engaged to?

  • Radek Meidl(but now they are no more engaged)

 “With Ex-Fiance”

Petra Kvitova relation

After her split from Radek Meidl, she has never been in any relationship. She is a generous soul so she might be broken when her engagement was ended. Whereas she is also a great combination of good looks, a strong mind, and an excellent career, so we hope her to get a suitable Boyfriend in 2020.

Petra Kvitova relation

 Split from Radek Stepanek:

When she broke up with Radek Stepanek, she said that an inter-profession relationship and career can not run side by side and that was the reason for her breakup.

Petra Kvitova and Radek Stepanek

Further, It was told by their spokespersons that Radek Stepanek and Petra has no awkwardness and they would continue to be friends and supportive to each other in hard times. Exactly after 6 months of the breakup, she started to date Radek Meidl.

Petra Kvitova Husband:

  • She is not married.
  • She seems to be single since her engagement was called off in 2016. Hopefully, she would soon find a suitable man to be her husband.

With Ex-Boyfriends:


Petra Kvitova is a tremendous tennis player, who belongs to the Czech Republic. She is uniquely talented in powerful left-handed strokes and to bring variety in the game, which helps her to keep her game bang on. She loved tennis and her passion could be witnessed on the field. She has also won two Grand Slam Tournaments and earned a number of awards for her astonishing performances.

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