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Perrie Edwards Boyfriend 2015 Zayn Malik Love Story Engaged Married off is Break Up

Perrie Edwards love story is now ended up with Zayn Malik, although he now called off her girlfriend! But after this break up question are going to arise of her new boyfriend in 2015. As we know that Perrie Edwards and Zayn were in a relationship but now they have just broken up! Here at this post, an overview that why they Engaged but called off upcoming Married life: Why They Have a Breakup? It was heard that when she just pushed him to set out the wedding date then this really annoyed Zayn and it was him who decided to have this split. They were in a relationship for such a long time but both of them have also been facing fair share of relationship problems on the regular basis.

 They LOVE STORY is now going to its End! Fact Zayn is the one who just ended things in the month of July, he was feeling quite pressured up and Perrie Edwards felt quite devastated because of this split

Why Zayn Malik Thought of Having a Split?

Though this couple looked quite cool and cute together but now it is in the reports these days they have just now officially called off this engagement that had done two year ago. Perrie was just quite “pressing him a lot to set out a wedding date”, it was Zayn who couldn’t at all handle all of these situations, he failed to handle this pressure and then he gave us this split news! It is too heard that both of them have been quite struggling for months after months to save their relationship but all in vain! Perrie Edwards was on touring, he has been on his second chapter in his serious career.

A Best Picture of this Couple

Perrie relation

“Perrie Edwards Boyfriend 2015: Single”

They used to hardly saw each other, it is due to this factor that they broken their relationship. Zayn Malik wanted to focus on his career, his girl friend putting a lot of pressure to get married. He then could not at make up his mind to be ready for this marriage, so he just ended up with this girl friend of her!

Though it is justifiable that Zayn is serious about his career but at the same time, he should also be thinking and taking care of the feelings of her ex girlfriend, hope both of them will have strong band with someone else next time!

At same time Perrie Edwards say that this is a true love story so after this break up it’s not easy for her to get out from this situation. So in this situation after called off Engaged and expected Married it’s not possible for her to attach with new boyfriend. In this situation her friends are also come to help her to get rid of this situation soon he recover and expected comes with new love.

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