Patty Mills Girlfriend Alyssa Levesque

Just at the age of 29, much is happening in personal life of this Australian professional basketball player famous by the name of Patty Mills. He had a relationship with his long-time girlfriend named as Alyssa Levesque. They are such prettiest love birds who always want to make every moment of life more beautiful. Patty Mills is the man who’s having just this girl in his life. Another interested factor is that she is also a college basketball player. It has been told by the media sources that his girlfriend is quite supportive; she hangs out with him a lot. She has all the time supported Patty Mills no matter what kind of situation it is! It was said by her in an interview that she always wanted a guy who is honest and also handsome and hardworking and all of these qualities are present in Patty Mills.

During last year she moved to San Antonio along with him. We also came to know that both of them have now become one of the most favorite couple in their particular state.

Yes, both of them are true lovers! Both of them do a lot to make their relationship live and happy and also stronger. Let see when they will tie knot to last it forever.

  • Patty Mills Girlfriend: Alyssa Levesque

Patty Mills dating with relationship

Pics Collection in which both Look Happy:

Mills is a naturally talented athele. He is the only player of his Island that’s play in NBA. And he is the second person of Indigenous Australian that’s played as a NBA professional. He is the only man that’s acquired 55th ranked overall NBA draft in the year of 2009.

This is the reason that he has lot of fan following in entire world. With this marvelous career he is also having a best personal life career in which Patty Mills spend pretty life with girlfriend Alyssa Levesque. Despite of huge media attention they maintain their love life, that is a their achievement. Hopefully soon they will begun a happy family life.

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