Patrick Kane Girlfriend 2021 Wife: Is Patrick Kane Married Engaged to Amanda Grahovec

Patrick has spent a reserved love life, as he has never clearly told it in the media and internet. But, it is found in 2010, that he was involved with Jackie Dymora. They had a brief relationship because they split up in the same year. Further, in 2012, he met Amanda Grahovec through mutual friends at some party in Dallas. Afterward, both of these two spotted in corner meetings together and then gradually their love for each other grows. From 2012, the couple is together, but they are not married yet. But their strong bonding clearly shows that this journey will last for a long time.

Is Patrick Kane Married or Engaged?

  • Not, and this couple has no children.

Who is Patrick Kane Wife?

  • Yet, Unmarried

Patrick Kane Girlfriend 2021:

  • Without any doubt, she is Amanda Grahovec


  • Jackie Dymora

“Current girlfriend that expect to engage and then married and becomes Wife”

  • Amanda Grahovec

Amanda Grahovec boyfriend

After a short discussion of Patrick Kane’s personal life, let review his bio and career detail.

This significant ice hockey player was born in Buffalo, New York, US. He is the eldest son of Kiki (father) and Donna (mother) and has three younger sisters. His love for hockey grows up in the early days of his life. As a kid, he played hockey at local Buffalo Clubs. During those days, a hockey arena was built near his hometown, where he started practicing. Furthermore, in a chorus, his father assisted him to sharpen his abilities. By the age of 9, Kane was picked for the Summer League in Wheatfield and made a superb score.

Photos gallery with Friends:

  • Short career detail of Patrick Kane:

Patrick made a good start in the career. It is reported that till reaching the age of 14, Patrick played over 300 games with every passing year. In a meanwhile, Honeybaked AAA Midget Team approaches him and offered him to join them which he accepted and played with them for about three years and quit playing with them at 17. Side by side, he was attending Detroit Country Day School. But, he was not paying attention to his studies so he was suspended from the school and his parents accepted the result.

Since 2007, Patrick is giving his best. In the beginning, he was selected by Chicago Blackhawks in the 1st overall pick. Afterward, he was picked to represent the United States during the 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympics. Furthermore, in 2017, he was given the title of ‘100 Greatest NHL Players’. This is his biggest career achievement and yes, he deserves it.


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