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Patrick Chan Wife 2021 Is he Married to Girlfriend

Canada’s former Figure Skater introduced his girlfriend Elizabeth Putnam in 2018 while he was announcing his retirement. Putnam is also a former Skater who is working with Chan in his skating school. The two know each other from years. Moreover, they have a similar passion for skating and planned to dedicate their future for their skating school, to transfer their skills to the new generation. The couple is very successful in keeping their relationship secret and poop out no personal story. However, they look good together and compliment each other.

Patrick Chan Wife 2021:

  • He is in a relationship with Elizabeth Putnam.

Other Relationships:

  • Probably, Tess Johnson is one of his ex-girlfriends.

Patrick was retired in 2018 after winning a Gold medal in Olympics. He led a successful skating career and always known for making new records and breaking his own records. He has received multiple awards throughout his career and currently, he is running a skating school in Vancouver alongside his girlfriend.

Is Patrick Chan Married to Girlfriend?

  • Yes, they are.

A photo with Ex:

Patrick Chan relation

Short Bio on Patrick Chan:

His father is a lawyer who was brought to Montreal when he was 4. On the contrary, his mother came to Canada for studies when she was 20. She was a professional tennis player and received both single and doubles championship titles. Chan is the only child of his parents and expanding the legacy of his sports-loving parents.

Early Life: Chan loves skating since he was a kid. He was only 5 when he plays downhill skating. Later, his family moved to Toronto and he played other sports along with skating. He showed an interest in tennis, golf, and mountain climbing. He is multilingual and can speak  French, Cantonese, and English. He learned French from his father, Cantonese from mother and English is his third language.

Patrick Chan relation

Education: He did his graduation from École secondaire Étienne-Brûlé Toronto.  He was always passionate about skating and spent an extra year at high school because of his skating commitments. When he became a renowned skater, his school organized an event to honor him for his achievements. He also has a passion for education and got admitted to Colorado College in 2011 and the University of Toronto in 2014 but his professional commitments come his way and he failed to get a degree both times.

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