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Norman Reedus Wife 2020 Relationship Is Married Girlfriend Single

Most of Reedus’s life is revolves around a model named Helena Christensen. They first met in the early years of the 1990s but their feelings got strengthen in 1998. They dated for five years i.e. from 1998-2003. They were affectionately interested to get married. That’s why they also willing to have a child and they gave birth to a son in October 1999. But at the end of the day, they failed to get married. In 2003 they decided to live their own lives and since that time they are sharing the custody of their 14 years old son.

Norman Reedus Wife 2020:

After break up with Helena, initially, he tried few new relations one after another. But from the time, he meets with Diane Kruger, he again indulged himself in a mature bonding. But despite having a relation of about 4 years, yet they are living like an Unmarried Couple.

Norman Reedus Girlfriend 2020:

  • Currently, no one is sure about Norman Reedus’s girlfriend 2020. Because his break up with Diane Kruger is rumored at the start of this year.

A pic of the couple:

Reedus and Kruger

Ex Relationships:

Yes, Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney were associating in a close relationship for the duration of two years. But all the time, they insisted to be just good friends.

Apart from this, he is associated with many other women’s named

“ Cecilia Singley and Glenn Lovrich ”. All of these ladies captured with him publicly.

  • A close Pic with her

Norman Reedus relation

Is Norman Reedus in Relationship?

Yes, Diane Kruger is the current girlfriend of Norman Reedus. Recently she also shared a photo of a baby girl on her Insta account that seems like their daughter.

Norman Reedus relation

Short Career Detail of Norman Reedus:

In 1997, Reedus did a very minor role in the ‘Mimic’ movie that was directed by Guillermo del Toro, by his appearance in that movie he electrified the attentions of critics and filmmakers. Subsequently, he did a leading role in one more movie ‘Floating’. Consequently, a couple of directors and filmmakers contacted him and offered him leading roles in their movies.

Reedus is now recognized for portraying the role Daryl Dixon on AMC television horror drama series ‘The Walking Dead’. In 1999 he receives his first Special Jury Award because of his performance. Later, he won the Satellite, IGN and American Choreography Award. In addition, he is also starred in several games and music videos. Because of his stunning looks, Reedus is also the face of many fashion designers i.e. he modeled for Prada.

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