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Nicole Curtis is a beautiful self made lady, she set best example for single mothers. After divorce she has raised her son in respectful way. She proved herself an extraordinary responsible mother, a successful host of TV show Rehab Addict. She believes on true relation that why she always been in committed relationships for long period for time. Although after a failed married life she does have a boyfriend but till it’s a question who is she dating? This year in 2015 she announces that she is pregnant but never revealed the name of baby daddy or boyfriend. She kept her relationship life private; but her fan loves to know every aspect of her life. That why they confessed to stop hiding personal stuff. Mean while Nicole has own opinion that it is no one’s right to comment about personal life of any lady.

Nicole Curtis Husband Married to Who? He gives birth to son this year but as given above Who he Is? is a question. Right now he kept the baby daddy name in secret. In past she had worst experience with ex husband; this man is his first love. They interact with each other from college and got pregnant in this relation, later on she married with her baby father. This relation had not lasted for too many years. She also commented at social media that after getting divorced she had wasted a handsome amount of money and time in court for rights. She also advised to all divorced parents that try to settle all issues at home at time of split up. Before this try to build enough understanding that you spend whole life together.

Pic With Son

Nicole Curtis relation

EX Husband Name: Steve Lane

Who is Nicole Curtis Boyfriend Dating? During last days she share picture with a man at social media, the comment below this post must shows that something must going on between them. But his complete detail is in secret.

Nicole Curtis relation

Nicole Curtis Baby Daddy: Her baby bump picture at her social media page shows that she is pregnant; children birth date is in August 2015. So now question arise that where is the baby. It was a baby boy or baby girl. These all factors show that she just joking, may she adopt a baby and reveal him children. Everyone is confuse after these all happenings. It a Secret

Name of her very Close Peoples:

  • Ben Aaron
  • Ryan Severson

Nicole Curtis relation

A fake news is also revealing at media that she is very close to Lebron James, so may he is father of her children. We try to collect some info about this confusion, its true that she gives birth to baby but his father is in secret.

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