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Niall Horan New Girlfriend 2015 Melissa Whitelaw Who Is She Kissing Pictures

Niall horan is having a lots of girlfriend in Past but recently he got a new girlfriend and started hooking up with her. Mostly Harry Styles is being seen and rumored with kissing girls from one direction but this time it is about Niall Horan. Niall horan new girlfriend 2015 Melissa White law who is she kissing pictures are given here for all the fans of his, there are a number of girls who want to see Niall kissing with Melissa Anne. In start there were just rumors that Niall seen kissing a girl but now it has been proved after we got Niall and Melissa kissing pictures. One direction band is a famous musical band and every one must be familiar with all of its members, Niall is one of them. Niall Horan is a musical artist who was born on the date of 13th September, 1993 at the place of Mullingar, Republic of Ireland. He is an important member of One direction band who is the son of Maura Gallagher and Bobby Horan. He has sung a number of songs with band and solos as well including What Makes You Beautiful, Story of My Life ,Best Song Ever ,Steal My Girl ,You & I and some other world famous songs are being sung by him. He is the key singer of the band and all the band is depending upon him, now he is seen with her rumored girlfriend and we are going to give you niall horan and melissa anne kissing pictures 2015 under here:

Niall Horan New Girlfriend 2015 Melissa Whitelaw Who Is She Kissing Pictures

niall horan and melissa anne kissing

There was a girl named Gemma who just posted the photos of Niall and his Australian Girlfriend Melissa Whitelaw while they were kissing. She posted that photos in which Niall was kissing a brunet girl sitting in the bar over the Valentine’s day weekend. So now it has been confirmed that Niall Horan girlfriend 2015 is Melissa Whitelaw who is an Australian girl. Above this paragraph we have given you the pictures of the love birds kissing together, you can see the pictures and share your reviews with us. Stay in touch with this page to get more latest updates about the love birds.

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