Ndamukong Suh Wife Girlfriend Is Married to Who

Most fans of this defensive tackle nfl player are quite eager to know that whether he is in a relationship or not! He is not officially linked with anyone but yes he has some of the rumored dating life. Here you can look quickly into the details of Ndamukong Suh relationship that include his (girlfriend and Wife). Start from his ex doubtful relation with Lolo Jones. She told in an interview that she wanted to stay Single before her marriage. This was the hardest decision that she has to make! Though she had been quite serious with him but Suh was not ready to tied knot. Afterward he was not fastened with a loyal partner. Till he will in search of appropriate lady to married.

So yes, Suh has broken his ways from Lolo and we have to wait more to find out that who will be the next guy in the life of Lolo.

Who is Ndamukong Suh Married to?

  • Wife: Not Yet

Girlfriend: Single

Another Rumored Love Story:

As stated by undisputed source that last days he was partying with a pretty lady in local club, the name of the woman is still now known. Some of the images were taken by the media persons while they were leaving from that club. So who is that blonde woman, we still have to figure out that!

 It is clarified by Suh that she is not his girlfriend. This statement clears that they are not an official couple. He and this blonde woman are all having a party and fun time together.


 This footballer is of 30 years and he is at the best of his career. Surely he will think about his personal life to, but probably right now he is focusing on career.

Short Bio and Career: He is son of teacher mother and engineer father, before start of career he was wanted to establish a big company.  Along with his profession he is also a big fan of soccer, because his dad was semi-pro player of this game. From 2010 to onward four years he was engaged with Detroit Lions. Last year he signed contract with Miami Dolphins, and now his performance is always important for his team.

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