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54 years old Mike Rowe still has the same grace and allure as his youth. Looking at his personal life, it is found that he is still unmarried. But he is in a long-term relationship with Sandy Dotson who run a company. Their relationship is discovered in the social media when he took two-week vacation right after the Job started at a spa in Napa Valley. Now a day he is living in California with his partner but they always take this relation at low profile. This is the reason that no one knows that when this couple will tie knot. But source confirmed that currently she is his girlfriend dating in 2016. Before this he and Danielle Burgio also linked romantically, this is his first love story that was not worked for long period of time.

Who is Mike Rowe Married to?

  • Wife: Not Tie Knot

Family: The talented American actor and host was born in Baltimore. Michael Gregory Rowe is his real name. He is the son of John Rowe and Peggy Rowe. He has dedicated his one of the famous show Dirty Jobs to his grandfather and father. He worked for the two TV series and got enough fame from them. He also did work as a narrator in several series. Furthermore, he is starred in number of commercials.

Mike Rowe relation

  • Is He Single: No

He started his professional career as an on-air host for the QVC. Since then, he has hosted several remarkable programs. In addition, he is the founder of ‘Work Foundation’. This talented man has gained much respect and income throughout his career that he deserves.

Early Life: He was selected as a scout in the School of the Blind, while performing there he used to read aloud to the students. Thus, he likes to write and narrate since that time. After becoming an Eagle Scout, he stated that the Award is not for those people who need to be pulled to finish end line. Eventually four years ago he was granted with the Scout Award from the Scouts of America.

First Girlfriend Picture:

Mike Rowe relation

  • Mike Rowe Girlfriend Dating: Sandy Dotson 

In Baltimore, his parents visit church on regular basis and he went to Presbyterian Church. He went to Overlea School, where he gained complete excellence in singing and theater under of supervision of Choir director. Still he credits most of his performances to his trainer. After graduation he went to Essex College, he sang Chorus of the Chesapeake which was directed and composed by King. He received Communication degree from Towson. For few years he sang Baltimore. He gain all things all wanted things in life but quite UN lucky in finding wife, when he married with girlfriend is not revealed now.

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