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Michelle Harrington NBA Player Al Harrington wife

There are so many fans who are in want to get Michelle Harrington NBA Player Al Harrington wife pictures and all the details about her that is why we are here to tell about her and her biography. There are so many readers who are not familiar with the AL Harrington so we first going to introduce you with him, His full name is Albert Harrington and he was born on the date of 17th, February, 1980 at the place of Orange, New Jersey and grew up in Roselle, New Jersey. He is an famous American Professional Basketball player who last played the Fujian Sturgeons of the Chinese Basketball Association. He is cousin of NBA Player Dahntay Jones and in start he use to play school basketball at St Patrick High School in Elizabeth, New Jersey. So that was the short introduction of him and now we are going to let you know about his wife. The name of her pretty wife is Michele Harrington she is so lovely and pretty of the forward player who is currently playing with the Washington Wizard who are willing to become this year champions and we are also hoping that so.

Michelle Harrington NBA Player Al Harrington Wife

Michelle Harrington NBA Player Al Harrington wife Pictures 2015


They got married on the date of 12th September, 2009 in the city of New York and after a short period of time her wife Michelle Harrington gave birth to a baby girl on in October, 2009 and they named her Amaya Londyn and one year later they welcomed a little Alaia into their lives at all. Michele is the co-owner of Little Big Sunglasses it is one of the famous shop to buy glasses  from where you can get a variety of glasses for your precious children from Michele’s shades and a wide range of colors and styles is available there. So that was the article which is written for you to know about Michelle Harrington al Harrington’s wife.

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