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Michael Strahan Wife 2020 Girlfriend: Who is Michael Strahan Married to?

Michael is known for his colorful past and present relationships. You wouldn’t be surprised to know that he has been married and divorced twice. Wanda Hutchins was his first wife. The couple had a daughter named Tanita born in 1992 and son Michael Anthony Strahan Jr born in 1995. Unfortunately, both parted ways, and after getting divorced he moved on to marry Jean Muggli in 1999. The couple had twin daughters Sophia and Isabella born in 2004. If you thought his dating history ends on getting married and divorced twice. You are probably wrong; this list goes on and on. It would be no harm in calling him a womanizer!

After his divorce, he kept dating a couple of women and among them, the noteworthy one is Nicole Murphy, Eddy Murphy’s ex-wife. They got engaged and even planned to marry, but due to some conflicting issues regarding their schedules.

Michael Strahan Wife 2020:

Who will be the Michael Strahan wife 2020? is now early to imagine. Even, his recent status is not clear now.

A pic with ex:

Michael Strahan relation

Michael Strahan Girlfriend 2020:

Well, Michael is surely an adventurous guy when it comes to woman, No? Michael Strahan girlfriend 2020 is not known now Can’t really say what the truth is.

The last reported girlfriend of Michael Strahan was Kayla Quick. You would be surprised to know that she is a former strip club waitress; quite a jaw-dropping background isn’t it. Wait let us tell you more; she was once arrested for stealing her grandmother’s jewelry. Some believe they are together while others believe they are not.

With Rumored Ex Taraji P:

Michael Strahan relation

In 2015 Taraji P. Henson and Michael Strahan were seen on a dinner date in New York. But, so far nothing has been said by this couple that is they dating, it is yet not confirmed by both of them that are they in a relationship or not?

With Rumored Ex Kelly Ripa:

Michael Strahan relation

Love started blooming between Kelly and Michael while they were hosting a show‘’ live with Kelly and Michael’’. Their relationship went sour when Michael decided to move out of the show and joined Good morning America.

There was an obvious tension between the two which kept growing. Kelly was really angry and stated that he did not even bother to discuss this situation with him. She continued to take jabs at him often during her show.

A pic with Ex-Wife:

Michael Strahan relation

Short Bio on Michael Strahan:

Strahan is a tall, athletic and well-built football player. He holds a record of most sacks in a single NBA season. He is known to be a player for New York Giants throughout his 15-year career. He not only won a Super Bowl ring but was also selected as a pro footballer hall of fame.

After retiring, he tried his luck in a new professional together and became a known media personality. He co-hosted a show Live with Kelly and Michael. He also hosts a game show on ABC called 100,000 pyramids.

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