Michael Strahan Wife 2015 Who is Michael Strahan Dating Currently Girlfriend Married to Now

Starts from the past wives of Michael Strahan that it was approximately seven year from 1999 till 2006 that he got married with Jean Muggli, she is his last wife. As this is second marriage of this retired football player, so at start of relation its felt that they had spend remaining life together. One must becomes more conscious in second term. Because in first divorce a man and women both are well aware from the reason that cause split up. One must learn from these mistakes and try to avoid from them in next married life. But he had not learnt from his mistakes and again announce for break off after seven (7) years together. Before this from 1992 till 1996, he got married with Wanda Hutchins. He has four children and they are named as

  • Tanita Strahan
  • Isabella Strahan
  • Sophia Strahan
  • Michael Strahan Jr

Here at this post, latest update about Michael Strahan wife 2015 details, the girlfriend he dating currently and now also aimed to married with this woman:

“Dating with Taraji P. Henson and Kelly Ripa”

It has been reported in this year 2015 that Taraji P. Henson and Michael Strahan went on a dinner date in the New York. Basically he has been there at the challenge of push up! After that this couple went on a dinner date. We have seen that so far nothing has been said by this couple that are they dating, it is yet not confirmed by both of them that are they in a relationship or not? We only managed to get to know that this couple went on a date! She is not only lady that rumored to date with him. During recent days its sees that He and Kelly Ripa are also starts to share romance but authentically this relation is not confirmed from any of side.

Michael Strahan relation

“With Kelly Ripa”

Michael Strahan relation

“Michael Strahan Wife 2015: Not Married This Year”

“First marriage with Wanda Hutchins”

He was married to his first wife; she was named as Wanda Hutchins, in Germany. Their marriage had tenure of 1992 till 1996 and then this couple parted in year 1996. In this time period of fours they had four kids that shows that how much they are involve in romance in this relaiontship.

“Second marriage with Jean Muggli”

It was from 1999 till 2006 that he got married with Jean Muggli! They have these twin daughters, named as

  • Sophia
  • Isabella Strahan

Then we came to know that this couple just divorced acrimoniously in year 2006.

Michael Strahan relation


It was also seen that it was in year 2009 that he has been engaged to Nicole Mitchell,¬†who has been Eddie Murphy’s past wife but we saw that in last year, both they just ended up their engagements because of the busy schedules they had! Now you have known about this Michael Strahan wife 2015 details!

Michael Strahan relation

We can now just wait and watch that how much Taraji P. Henson and Michael Strahan relationship will be moved on as well is currently he decides to married now this girlfriend or just dating to enjoy time or this Kelly Ripa who is next lady to share wows, if we will be spotting this couple again at some dinner date then we will for sure be updating you.

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