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Michael C Hall Wife 2021 is Married to Who After Second Divorce

First-ever in 2002, Michael got married to Amy Spanger who is a Broadway actor and singer. The couple was seen together in many plays i.e. in Kate, Chicago, and many others after the marriage. After four years of this beautiful journey, the couple separated in 2005 and divorce finalized in 2006. In the same year of divorce, Dexter series started in 2006 in which Michael and Jennifer Carpenter act as a brother and sister, (Debra Morgan and Dexter). Michael and his wife Amy Spanger got separated later that year. In 2007 while working on series both fall in love that surely surprised everyone.

In 2008, after dating for a year and half, the couple wed secretly on New Year’s Eve, even family members and close friends were not invited. In 2009 they officially announce about their wedding at the Golden Globes.

During the early years of the second marriage, Michael C. Hall was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and was enduring treatment. In 2010 the couple appeared as a happy couple at the ceremony of Golden Globes, there Jennifer announced that Michael was in full remission.

By the end of November 2010, they pretended they living a healthy and happy life. After one month couple filed for divorce and it was reported that they got separated many times before.

A pic with Ex-Wife:

Michael C Hall relation

In 2011 the divorce between Michael and Jennifer was finalized, but once again both starred on Dexter again. By getting a divorce and splitting up all the while both decided to work together is not overly usual. In one interview Jennifer claimed that as the marriage ended it doesn’t means that the love between us also ended, we always remain a good friends and will respect each other. It was reported that Michael had relations with Julia Stiles which is assumed as a reason of breakup.

Michael C Hall Wife 2021:

  • Her name is Morgan Macgregor and she is an author. Surely, it’s his good luck that for one more time, he successfully finds out a loyal partner of life.

Who is Michael C Hall Married to?

  • For the third time, he Michael C Hall Married to beautiful Morgan Macgregor. From the last three years, both spend a balanced life.

Michael C Hall relation

 Short Bio:

His mother Janice Styons Hall was a guidance counselor at high school, while his father William Carlyle Hall worked for International Business Machines (IBM). He had an elder sister who died in babyhood before his birth. Thus he was the only of his parents. In 1982, when Michael was 11 years old his father died because of prostate cancer. No doubt, this was the toughest time of his life.

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