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Mark Zuckerberg Wife 2015 Who Is Priscilla Chan Mark Zuckerberg Girlfriend Married To

If you are here to check with the details of Mark Zuckerberg wife 2015, if you want to know who is Priscilla Chan with whom Mark Zuckerberg girlfriend married to then get all the answers of these important questions from here! From these details, you will come to know that this American computer programmer is much loyal with his wife. Along with worldwide fame she is only his girlfriend, this is quite amazing, hats off too you American computer programmer!  Famous of being an American computer programmer, best known as one of the co founder of social networking website Facebook, at the age of 31, he has truly done these miracles!

How Mark Zuckerberg And His Wife Priscilla Chan Met?

It was at a party carried out by his fraternity; it was during his sophomore year that Zuckerberg met Priscilla Chan who was her fellow student. After this meeting dating are begun with her in 2003. Basically Chan is arrived in the U.S. right after migration from the Chinese-Vietnamese where she starts her educational career. It was a month of 2010 when Zuckerberg invited Chan invited her to move into his rented Palo Alto house when she was a medical student.

Mark Zuckerberg relation

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It was on May 19, 2012 that this couple, Zuckerberg and Chan got married in Zuckerberg’s backyard, this event also celebrated her of getting graduated from medical school. So far, this couple does not have children. After entire discussion now we can say that he is quite a loyal boyfriend, he comes out to be a loyal husband who is still retaining this everlasting love relationship with her. Now you know who is Priscilla Chan, yes she is Mark Zuckerberg wife 2015!

No Girl Friends in His Life

Yes, it is another fact he is not in this habit of having girl friends, he met with this girl and then right away got married with him. They are living this extra happy married life. How good it is! Now have known with whom Mark Zuckerberg girlfriend married to Wife! With such fame its not an easy task to spend life with no girlfriends; because along with wife one has number of other options. Majority of stars get benefit from this charm with changing of number of girlfriend but here story is quite different because her wife is his true and first. Right now to till 2015 he is loyal and source said that he aimed to spend his future life with this same partner.

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