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Mark Teixeira Wife Leigh Williams Pictures that is long time girlfriend in his life and the passage of time she becomes their wife. She is one of the beautiful celebrities and good looking women. Both are falling loves with each other in initial stage of their professional career and get married in earlier age of life. This becomes one of the best couple in the world. Leigh William is looking older than Teixeira but he looks young due to their professional with best fashion style. Mark Teixeira is important player of his team because he is match winning. With his latest performances he also proves that he has capability to win any game. Due to this has permanent position in his team. Like a successful professional career ha also has happy and successful family with a lot of joy and happiness. Although he is too much busy in his training and tournaments he get enough time for his family. Mark Teixeira love her wife and take care of his everything and for this he also arrange trip in off season and enjoy a lot these vacations.

Mark Teixeira Wife

Mark Teixeira dated with Leigh Williams

Mother of Mark Teixeira give him birth in America and later on become a professional Baseball player. He played for New York Yankees and also becomes first baseman in MLB (Major League Baseball) in America. He started their professional career from their college life and played by Georgia Tech and won Dick Howser Trophy and nominated as player of the year. Teixeira become first time entry drafted by the Texas Rangers of the year 2001 and made his MLB debut in 2003. He is only player that won five gold glove awards and three silver slugger awards in his professional career. With this success career he also made a success couple in form of Mark Teixeira Wife Leigh Williams Pictures is updated below.

Mark Teixeira Wife Leigh Williams Pictures

Mark Teixeira and his wife Leigh Williams met to each other in Georgia Tech when Mark established charity funds for their high school that supported six scholarships in Fort Worth area. Teixeira going to different kinds of parties to making full time enjoy in their happy life. There is one interesting thing Mark is not only player of baseball but also good actor. He is member of the board of Greenwich International Film Festival. In short he is a multi talented and has marvelous perfection in his work. He never compromise on his work and try his level best to do best. With these whole works couple of Mark Teixeira Wife Leigh Williams is just near to perfection and this story is also clear from Pictures.

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