Mario Balotelli Girlfriend 2015 Fiance Baby Girl Mama

Mario Balotelli Girlfriend 2015 fiance and pictures of her Baby Girl Mama are combined at same place. Mario Balotelli is too much popular among the media as well as among the people of world due to excellence performance in their profession and also due to some other controversial interesting stories. He is also having a lot of girlfriend in past likes other players but he becomes different styles among all others. He becomes a girlfriend in their professional career and she becomes baby mama of their child and she is known as Raffaella Fico. She is also one of best Italian celebrities and too much popular among the people of Italian and she is also beauty contest personality and singer. She is only personality which won the award as miss grand prix and she having long time relation with Mario. Mario and their baby mother having deep relation and secret relation and exposed on media when she becomes pregnant and she claimed on Mario on their pregnancy issue. After the long time research and other DNA tests Mario don’t defend him against this act and finally acknowledged of her baby girl few month ago. These whole factors prove that Raffaella Fico is baby mama of Mario Balotelli girl child and he also builds relation with any other girlfriend in 2015.

New girlfriend of Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli Baby Girl Mama: Raffaella Fico

Mario Balotelli Fiancé: Fanny Neguesha

Mario Balotelli Girlfriend 2015: Fanny Neguesha

If one sees some more information from out of Mario Balotelli Girlfriend 2015 fiance and Baby Girl Mama then he is a professional football player and played for Premier League club Liverpool as striker and also plays for Italian national team. He stared their professional career at lumezzane and after that he joined Inter Milan. He is the only man that’s suspended a lot of time due to misbehavior and due to their discipline problems and face a lot of criticism by the inter fans. There is no doubt he is the best player of football and he is the only man that’s represented more than 30 times his country at UEFA for the year of 2012 and play excellent role to reach their team in the final of FIFA world cup 2014. Now this time Mario Balotelli new girlfriend 2015 fiance is known to Fanny Neguesh and both are seen with each other a lot of times in different places and want to be having long time relation and sources said Mario becomes engrained with Fanny.

Its too much difficult to say something about the long term relation of Mario Balotelli Girlfriend 2015 because at same time he date with many other ladies. Although in previous days he claims that now he will quite true with his relation but these things happened too many times early. Now time decides the future of Mario Balotelli Girlfriend 2015 Fiance that how much time they stay together and this is one best example of her loyalty that they engaged each other. As any new name will come it will must update here on this page.

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