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Well, Mario Balotelli is known for hooking up with multiple girls. The list of his alleged relations is very lengthy but apparently, he was never been serious in any of them. However, he was once engaged for a year (2013-2014), after which the engagement was ended cordially. Other than that he has two kids with two different girlfriends. In 2012, Balotelli parted his ways from Raffaella Fico, but after few months Fico claimed to be pregnant with Balotelli’s child. Balotelli responded savagely but later, he accepted his daughter, after a DNA test in 2014. Currently, his daughter Pia is living with her mother.

Mario Balotelli Girlfriend 2021:

  • His relation with the Alessia(“She is an actress”) is now rumored and such stories are even reported that they engaged too after one or two month of the link.

Mario Balotelli Second Baby Mama:

Balotelli again becomes a father of son in 2017 and named him Lion. Apparently, her mother’s name is Clelia, who shared a short time relationship with Balotelli and currently living with his son.

  • Is Mario Balotelli Married?

Mario Balotelli Wife:

  • Yet, he is Unmarried

A photo with ex:

New girlfriend of Mario Balotelli

Short Relationship History:

He also hooked up with a number of girls, whether it was Italian volleyball player Veronica, Italian actress Barbaro, actress and model Vanessa, former tennis player Nicolás Massú, and with few of other actresses too.

  • Balotelli also had a relationship with Chloe. The relation continues from 2010 to 2012, in on and off. Evans claims that their relationship was good and she helped Balotelli to serve better on the field.

He dated Jenny Thompson during the same period for about six weeks. Thompson who was also hooked up with Rooney. Those were the two girls, who was linked with Balotelli even after knowing of his relationship with Raffaella Fico.

  •  Mario Balotelli Fiancé: Now Single.

His Pictures with Ex:


Balotelli dated Sophie who was an English actress and winner of the Big Brother. The couple break up after he cheated on her with her best friend Faye, on the new year’s eve of 2010. Similar accusations of him cheating his girl also came from TV host Eliana.

  • He also dated a teenage waitress Lauren. She described the story that how Balotelli proposed her. They dated briefly.

Balotelli also dated with the cousin of Rooney. Henderson(Rooney cousin) confessed the relationship and told about the relation of Balotelli and his marriage proposal on condition of quitting her career.

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