Who is Mariah Carey Married to 2021? Mariah Carey Boyfriend Husband


At present, Mariah Carey is dating her new boyfriend Bryan Tanaka. Undoubtedly, he assumes himself luckiest guy to have a girlfriend like Mariah. The age difference of 13 years between this couple will surprise you. But still, they look cute together. Furthermore, before this relationship, Mariah Carey married twice and mother of two kids. Firstly, she married her colleague named Tommy Mottola in 1993. But, due to the misunderstandings couple got separated in 1998. After this divorce, she remained single for a long time until she found the right person. And it took one decade to find a Mr. Right for herself.

Years later, in 2005, Mariah and Nick Cannon met casually; at that time both dating with other persons. Later on, in 2008 Nick cannon started working with Mariah on the set of the music video “Bye Bye” that was the time when both seriously think about each other. In no time, they start dating. Consequently, the couple got married on 30th April 2008. In the same year, they welcomed twin childs named Monroe and Moroccan.

Their marriage lasted for just 6 years. It is reported that Nick Cannon starts doing dating another girl; this is the main cause of separation. Thereafter the couple was seen together for a short time to celebrate father’s day and mother’s day just for the sake of their kids.

Mariah Carey Boyfriend 2021:

  • He is Bryan Tanaka

Photo With First Husband:

Mariah Carey relation

Nick Cannon is now trying to take the custody of their children’s in his opinion his ex-wife Mariah is not a stable mother. In one meeting Nick said he is focusing on his kids and his career and wishing to become a good father.

  • A pic with Second Husband:

Mariah Carey relation

Who is Mariah Carey Married to 2021?

  • Mariah Carey Husband:

After the second divorce, she has not tied marriage knot.

  • A pic with current BF:

Mariah and Bryan


Before the current relationship, she got engaged to a billionaire James Packer. But this engagement was ended up with a controversial breakup.

Packer and Mariah

Short Bio of Mariah Carey:

This popular actress, singer, record producer and songwriter of America was born in Huntington, to Patricia and Alfred Roy. Patricia her mother belongs to Irish descent ancestry while her father Alfred Roy is of Afro-Venezuelan descent and aeronautical engineer by profession. Mariah achieved several milestones in her career.

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