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Who is Malia Obama Dating 2016 Malia Obama Boyfriend Baby Father

We are just getting these so called rumors that President Obama has indicated that his daughter Malia is dating. But it is not confirmed yet. Who is Malia Obama Dating 2016 Boyfriend rumors of her pregnancy baby father name and pictures are searched here. As we know She is daughter of Barack Obama who is the strongest president in world. He spoke that both of this daughters are quite smart. Especially Malia is much sensible. Both of them are funny at times. He further told that there is this one thing which he will not at all be looking forward when it comes to his daughters and that thing is dating! Obama is of this belief that the day Malia will start dating, that day will not be the forward looking day of his life. He clarified that by far not a single guy has come up to pick and have a meet up with Malia. He told that he just tell his watchmen to keep an eye on those guys who will be glancing at Malia.

Just a few times back, President Obama has given this hint with regard to his daughter ongoing dates. While he was on Georgia, he clearly gave this hint that his daughter Malia who is 14 years old has been officially dating now.

It was reported that with regard to this statement the White House officials did not gave any of the comments. That why this rumors had not authenticated from any official.

Who is Malia Obama Dating 2016 Boyfriend: Single

  • Malia Obama Baby Father: Till she is not Pregnant so This is Fake News

malia obama and justin bieber

As she is the daughter of president so she can date anyone she wants to but yet she is too young to date some one. She is adolescent yet and not reach the age of 18 but we have noticed that she has got interest in boys. She has grown up over the past four years and now its time for her to explore the world of the opposite gender. So that is why she has good sense to make a relationship, before long we will get a news that will shock you. If we have a look on Micelle obama it gives us the confirmation that Malia Obama will not be single for long time.  She like Justin Bieber but they are not in any kind of romantic relation.

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While talking to the Magazine, Obama told them that these inevitable relationships with boys do not sound good. He told that his daughters have this wonderful role model in front of them in the form of their mother. Obama is of this belief that Malia has all the time expected a lot from her relationships.

  • Boyfriend 2016: Single

Both Obama and his wife have been trying their level best to create space and give space to their daughter Malia. These days, lots of speculations and news have been in the air that who will be the Malia’s valentine? On few of the sites, we also got these rumors that Malia Obama is pregnant but that was all a scandal against her. She is absolute Single and may be wait until find a right partner.

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