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Dating detail list that contain bf history of American actress and best of the singer Lucy Hale is cover at this place. Who is her new boyfriend she has commenced till now in 2016 is also update below: She is right now dating with mystery man name Anthony Kalabretta. It has also seen many times that both of them have been lot and much enjoying summer. This couple has also been taking luxurious kinds of vacations in Hawaii and it is also reported that they have shared some of their own photos at social media. You must be thinking that how they met? Then we can tell you that both of them just met through their mutual friends and then we saw that they bonded over a lot and bunch of things. They also have this shared love of music and they have also celebrated Lucy birthday together. It was said by Lucy Hale that she is having a wonderful time with Anthony.

  • Lucy Hale Boyfriend 2016 Name: Anthony Kalabretta

Lucy Hale relations

Ex Boyfriend- Adam Pitts:

He is a musician and they dated for sometime too! First they were seen together in Los Angeles. Then they began and started to reveal this relation through social media. So every where there is the news of them that the hot couple went out for the shopping. We have given you the pictures in which couple was giving the romantic expressions that tells us about their love.

lucy hale boyfriend 2015 name

It was said by Hale that Adam has been one of her favorite people alive. During many of the interviews she has also talked about him. She said that he is quite lovely and caring.

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  • Who Is New Name Dating with this Pretty Lady? Anthony Kalabretta

Ex Relationship History

Dating List:

  • His love journey was with David Henrie that was starting from 2007 but it lasted for only a year to till 2009 Although this was one pretty couple and looked that this relation worked for long period of time.

Lucy Hale relations

  • Then his second love story was started with Alex Marshell from 2010 and again this love lasted for a year to till 2011.

Lucy Hale relations

  • Right after last split up she captured closing posed with Chris Zylka in 2012 but this time she separated after couple of months in 2013.

Lucy Hale relations

  • Then in the same year she and Graham Rogers are romantically involved with each other during last months of 2013.

Lucy Hale relations

  • Third last is the number of Joel Crouse, but again this is again a short journey.

Lucy Hale relations

It amazed when one sees a long list of Lucy Hale bf and in this dating history majority of them was lasted for one year. Now with new boyfriend 2016 how much she will spend time is difficult to predict at that time.

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