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Lucy Hale Boyfriend 2019 Is Dating Who Now or Is She Currently Single

Definitely, Lucy Hale has found a number of good looking boys but unfortunately could not hold a long relationship with anyone. Her every relationship was normally ended in less than a year. In addition, Lucy last dating experience was with actor Riley Smith during last year. The two actors were spotted in Feb last year but as usual, the relationship could not last more than a few months and the two ended in mid-2018. Since Hale and Smith are separated, she is seem to be single. It is perceived that, might be she is not interested in a relationship at that point of time. We have the best hopes and wishes for her to get a suitable boyfriend in 2019.

  • Who is Lucy Hale dating now 2019?

Lucy Hale Boyfriend 2019:

  • There is no news about the Lucy Hale boyfriend 2019.
  • She is not dating anybody since her split with Riley Smith.

Lucy Hale Husband 2019:

  • Who is Lucy Hail Married to?

NO, she is not married.

  • Is Lucy Hale Currently Single?

Yes, Lucy Hale is Single.

Dating History:

  • Lucy dated Anthony Kalabretta for about an year from 2016 to 2017. They spent time together on vacations and also posted their photos on social media. Apparently, the two met by their mutual friends and then started to date. However, similar to her previous relationships, the two ended their relationship silently in 2017.

Lucy Hale relations

Adam Pitts was first spotted with Lucy Hale in 2014 in Los Angeles. Then, they began dating and started to reveal their relation through social media. They were spotted everywhere, while shopping together, or attending functions together. The picture below is one to depict their friendly equation.

  • Her pic with Ex:

lucy hale boyfriend 2015 name

Hale has also admitted her love for Adam Pitts quite openly. She acclaimed him a loving and caring person, who is best man for her. Whereas, their love could not bind them for longer time.

  • A pic of Couple:

lucy hale and adam pitts tumblr

Moreover, Hale started her journey with David Henrie in 2007 but it took them less than 2 years to split in 2009. The two always complimented each other and look good in a single frame but unfortunately could not stretch their relationship long.

Lucy Hale relations

Some more Relationships of this beauty:

  • In 2010, she dated Alex Marshell and the relationship was ended in 2011.

She started to date Chris Zylka in 2012 soon after her break up but that relationship was also of limited duration and ended in 2013.

Lucy Hale relations

  • She was also linked with Graham Rogers in 2013 but that was only a fling and the two separated after short time.

A cute photo of this Pair:

Lucy Hale relations

  • She also shared a short term relationship with Joel Crouse.

How they look perfect in this Pic:

Lucy Hale relations

It is eye-boggling to see the long dating history of the young actress and even shocking to digest the fact that non of her relationship sustained for long time. She continues to jump in and out of the relationships quite frequently. Now, it is the time to see, what she would bring in 2019.

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