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Who is Lil Kim Baby Daddy? Lil Kim Boyfriend 2019 Husband Married to

In fact, Lil Kim has a long list of the boyfriend in personal life. But, unfortunately very few of them would be so good for her. Meanwhile, it’s also true that Lil Kim got massive public attention, because of these breakups. Now in 2019 who is the man she dating; as well is she getting married to this new guy or again she failed to find a right husband like the ex-baby father. According to the last update she picked a mystery person as the new boyfriend. But any authentic source has not confirmed the person who won the heart of this beautiful rapper.

Who is Lil Kim Baby Daddy?

  • Previously SHE dated Mr. Papers, he is also the daddy of her daughter. After kid, they give an impression of the loving couple. But, her split up news was not too surprising because there love story isn’t based on something so superficial as looks? After separation, this couple was fighting for the protective care of this child.

Lil Kim Boyfriend 2019:

  • Currently, no one is sure about the Lil Kim boyfriend 2019.

For the last time, she and Maino were clubbing together, meanwhile, they are also talking about their engagement plans. At same time media also got indications of her back together with an ex. But still, everyone is waiting for an official confirmation.

Who is Lil Kim Married to?

  • Yet, she is an Unmarried single lady.

Lil Kim relation

It was in her teens when she started her love journey with Shawn Powell. But soon after, this man got arrested in the case of robbery. She tried to be in touch with this man by making a visit to jail and writing letters to him. They had their engagement too, but this was later on called off because Lil had to peruse her career.

Lil Kim Husband 2019:

  • Presently, no one is the Lil Kim Husband 2019.

Lil Kim relation

Failed Relationships:

Floyd Mayweather and Jamie Foxx are two more names of her Ex bf.

  • She had a failed relationship with Christopher Wallace. It was until his death year that they remained together.

Once she had a contact with Missy Elliott, at that time she was supposed to be not Straight. But she is her only friend, and during this time she was started new love life with Scott Storch. He is a record producer by profession. They only remained together for 2 months.

Lil Kim relation

After this split up she had a brief and short dating time with Ray.

This is her short dating history that missed some names she dated too. Two years ago when she gave birth to the cutest baby girl, her married speculations was rumored everywhere. But this time again this story was ended up at split up. Let see now what will happen to her and new boyfriend. Till no one can assure Lil Kim has married plan with him. So it too unseasonable to predict anyone as her husband or a permanent life partner.

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