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Lil Chuckee Girlfriend 2016 Dating Who

Being the youngest rapper so far in the history, but due to affairs multiple times he became part of news. Now he is of 19 years old but he was hooking up with multiple girls. Latest update of Lil Chuckee new girlfriend, who is he dating in 2016 is a secret that all of his fans wants to know. Four years ago this announcement was made that a super model and also a dancer is dating this rapper. At that time, She was just 20 year old model and his boyfriend was just a 15 year old boy. We can also say that this adult woman at that time dating a teen who could not drive properly in that age. Media take out this news that both of them are couple now and soon they opened this relation.

Many of the critics said at that time that their relationship would not be able to work out because they were having 5 years of age difference. Another reason was also given out that Lil Chuckee was not even a high school graduate at that time. Both of them have now parted ways, they are not living together.

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Lil Chuckee relation

After this source confirmed that he dated with number of mystery young girls. But at same time a media channel also written that he is not straight. After this a discussion was started that may be he is GAY.

Couple of years ago he placed a case accused of molestation against Birdman in court. This means that he is not at all a gay. Make sure and keep in mind that it is not for the first time that Birdman has been accused and charged of being gay. Birdman was also seen while kissing Lil Wayne and that picture of both of them surfaced online.

Lil Chuckee relation

So far he is single these days and focusing on his career line. He is quite young and really not that much mature. It cannot be assumed by having these few facts in hand that he is gay or not, he is straight or not, he is dating someone or not! Though he had a relationship with a girl at some point in his life but now officially he is purely single. As these are early days of his career so its his good decision to get take him away from such kind of affairs. These kind of activities must deviate your intentions from work.

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