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Lil Boosie Girlfriend 2019 Wife Name Baby Mama

Around half a decade ago, Lil Boosie got separated from wife Walnita Decuir Hatch. After this divorce, he spent the worst part of personal life. Right now in 2019, he is in a dating relationship with girlfriend name Deiondra. So, what these guys are up to these days, check out these crispy details: When Lil was found guilty of the charges of drugs then he started dating her. After release from prison, he makes this relationship official. Before this, as all of us know that Lil was in a relationship with Walnita, she was her baby mama. Together, they had three children.

As its clearly mentioned at starting part of this writing that after this split up, he and Deiondra Sanders had started a love life, who is the daughter of an NFL star. Although they take this relation away from media but currently this couple is in Love.

Lil Boosie Girlfriend 2019:

  • Probable she is Deiondra Sanders( But right now they take it a low profile relation)

Lil Boosie Wife:

  • She is Walnita Decuir Hatch

Breakup Story:

His ex-wife also wrote a book that has been based on her entire life. In this piece of writing, she has too hinted that Lil cheated her for another lady. She has explained in this book that how you feel when your guy leaves you for some other girl.

  • Lil Boosie Baby Mama:


Note: This all is not authentic info, it’s collecting from different online sources.

Lil Boosie relation

Lil told the media that he left her because she smuggled drugs for him into the jail and when the authorities came to know about that issue, then she made other kinds of story. Because of the statement was given by Walnita, Lil had to spend other 18 months in jail just because of her.

Early Life: His entire life is full of struggle, but he always fought against them. Early his father murdered that’s why he groom without him. Later on, he also diagnosed with cancer, but again he fought and recovered after surgery. Now he spends a better life but sure need a permanent life partner that made his life more stable.

Lil Boosie relation

Right now it seems that he has now moved on from his breakup. It is still not confirmed that whether Lil Boosie cheated her wife or the issues was from the side of Walnita? We expect that with the addition of this new girlfriend in his life, he will have smoothness in his personal life. Now we have to wait what next action will be taken by this couple in their personal lives. Wait for the updates.

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