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Lea Michele Boyfriend 2019 Fiance Husband: Who is She Engaged to Married?

Lea Michele has many public relations till now. In 2006, she was involved with an American actor, Matthew Morrison. But, both of these two gave up after few months. In the same year of this split up, she found another soulmate London Beard who is an actor. The couple dated for almost two years and decided to part their ways in 2008. During the summers of 2008, she was spotted with another actor and singer John Lloyd Young. Their relationship was lasted for just a few months and detached from each other in 2009. Then, in late 2009, she was romantically involved with Theo Stockman. Theo is a singer and a Broadway actor. These two got separated in September 2009.

After a few days of this separation, she began dating to her co-star actor named Cory Monteith. He is a Canadian musician and actor. Both of these two got separated in November 2011.

Years later, she met a super actor and model Matthew Paetz, while working in the music video ‘Ón My Way. It is reported that since 2004, both are dating and three months later both started living together and recently got separated.

Lea Michele Boyfriend 2019:

  • Zandy Reich

A photo with Ex:

Lea Michele relation

One must be shocked from this news, that she got engaged to the current boyfriend. In a certain period of time, they successfully turned this bonding into a formal relationship.

Who is Lea Michele Engaged to?

  • Lea Michele Fiance:

He is Zandy Reich

A pic with Ex:

Lea Michele relation

Right now, no one knows their marriage plan. Maybe, in forthcoming days she will tell something about her wedding.

Who is Lea Michele Married to?

  •  Lea Michele Husband:

Yet, just engaged

A photo with Ex:

Lea Michele relation

This is the entire history of Lea Michele relationships. Furthermore, check out her bio and early career detail.

Lea Michele an American singer, actress, and the author was born on 29 August 1986 in the Bronx. Michele’s mother was a retired nurse whereas her father, Mark Sarfati was the owner of the delicatessen store and also worked as a real estate agent. Furthermore, she is the only child of her parents.

Lea Michele relation

During 1995, she gave her stage and musical auditions. In the following years, she presents her Broadway debut acting that was held in Les Miserable. One day, she went at auditions but how the things turned no one could imagine. Michele got selected and got an opportunity of acting. In 1997, she was starred in Ragtime. Unfortunately, she had to leave school and does homeschooling for a few months.

Lea Michele relation

In 1998, she was starred in the original Broadway Ragtime cast. Thus, the journey of her successful career begins. Eventually, in 2004 she was starred as Shprintze in the musical Fiddler. In 2009, she was successful in gaining the attention of the huge number of audience for her role Rachel Berry that she did for the comedy-drama series Glee, broadcasted on the Fox.

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