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As per record, Lauryn Hill had a list of failed relationships in her life. Furthermore, she is the mother of six children. But all baby father details are still unknown. She has now reached the age of 43 but still never finds a permanent love partner. Let us review her dating life in detail: In 2012, Wyclef Jean told the story of Lauryn Hill pregnancy in his memoir, that when she got pregnant, then I was married to someone else. At that time, I was having an affair with Lauryn to. It was for a long time that both of them had been linked with each other.

During her first pregnancy, she tried her level best to convince Jean that he is the father of her son. And later on, it was revealed that Marley is the father of her very first son.

  • Who is Lauryn Hill Married to?

Lauryn Hill Husband:

  • Presently Single

A photo with Ex:

Lauryn Hill Relation

Lauryn Hill Boyfriend 2021:

  • Yet, she has not found a correct partner for herself! Furthermore, now at this age, it’s not easy for her to adjustment with a partner. So it’s early to predict that is she married to or spend life with kids.

Lauryn Hill Relation

 Ex Relationships:

She had a relationship with three guys in her life.

  • She spends maximum time of her life with Rohan Marley, but it’s unfortunate that this couple was failed to last this relation for entire life.

Meanwhile, she also bonded with  (Wyclef Jean and Kendu Isaacs) for a short time.

Lauryn Hill Relation

Lauryn Hill Baby Father:

Five years ago she became the mother of baby no.6 but the father of that baby is still not known! It was told by her this 6th child is not the son of Marley. Marley has all the time been an on and off partner of her. They had 15 years of relationship. He is the father of her 5 children, but she takes her last baby father in secret. During these days she takes her personal life at low scale so what is going on is not revealing at media. But no doubt she must deserve a truly loving partner.

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