Larry Fitzgerald Girlfriend 2021 Baby Mama Wife: Who is Larry Fitzgerald Married to?

Larry is a father of two children from two of the woman he has dated. Now, he is in a steady but bit unpredictable relationship with Melissa Blakesley. Yes, Melissa gave birth to his second son which made their connection even stronger. Their son turned eight in 2021. But, how and when their relationship started is not shared. Moreover, both have children from their previous partners also. They are always under the attention of media and fans but they don’t like to become a part of the headline story in media. They aren’t married as yet and what they will plan for the future is also unsure.

Larry Fitzgerald Girlfriend 2021:

After news of his break up with Melissa Blakesley, its not sure about the Larry Fitzgerald girlfriend 2021. But, apart from his loving association with Melissa, it’s also clear that Larry’s past has been controversial. So just look at its brief detail:

Larry Fitzgerald Ex-Relationship:

Angela and Larry had a tragic breakup as they were very much involved in each other. They even have a child together. Angela was a cheerleader of the football games and that’s how they got to know each other. He was 22 while she was 35 years old, despite this age gap they were strongly moving on. Even, many people speculated that they will be married soon enough. However, media was buzzing with the news in 2008 that Angela has reported domestic violence charges against Larry which shocked many people.

Then, they were involved in a legal battle and parted ways soon after. During this legal case, Larry clarified himself in front of the media stating that she was trying to get some money from him that’s why spreading such serious rumors. He also stated that she was trying to defame him for no reason at all. Additionally, cheating rumors also hit the news headlines.

Larry Fitzgerald Baby Mother:

There are two Larry Fitzgerald baby mothers. From them, one is still with him and the story of others is giving in the above paragraphs.

  • Melissa Blakesley
  • Angela Nazario

Furthermore, Emmaly Lugo has also claimed to be the baby mama of Larry Fitzgerald. However, nothing has proved yet.

Who is Larry Fitzgerald Married to?

  • Larry Fitzgerald Wife:

This football wide receiver is still Unmarried.

Larry Fitzgerald and his gf

Quick Facts about Larry Fitzgerald:

Born and brought up in Arizona this talented player has always been interested in football. During school and also college days, he always used to take out time for playing his favorite game and soon got signed by Arizona Cardinals. He is the only son in the family who was raised by a single mother.

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