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Kristyna Kolocova Boyfriend Beach Volleyball Player

Kristyna Kolocova is one of the youngest and excellent players of Beach volleyball and played with passion and joy. She has very interesting stories with respect to their professional career but she has no any boyfriend in their happy life but makes a lot of friends and spend very happy with their family and friends. She made their boyfriend in their earlier in their school life but after that she having no anymore boyfriend and she enjoy the full time enjoy the life. She started their career from their high school and connected with the beach volleyball and her coach Simon Nausch said about her she is very talented girl and played their games in positive atmosphere and she becomes their own decision and the passage of time it’s becomes right. She is great entertainer with play the volleyball and having very fitted body because she loves with gym.

Relationship Status: Till she is Single and waiting for a boyfriend.

Best Friends: Slukova Kolocova, Marketa Slukova

Kristyna Kolocova dating with friend

Kristyna Kolocova may be finding their boyfriend where help out in their profession and also in their life but she met with a lot of people but doesn’t chose their boyfriend because she really known love is everything in their life but suddenly met their boyfriend in future. She was born in Nymburk that is village of London in a family that is always supported to their child. She played professionally volleyball and played with Marketa Slukova and she placed at 5th in the summer Olympics in London and he played twelve years in their senior professional career but only one time suffered from serious injury. She is not only player of volleyball but also studying sports management and she is so muddy athlete girl and love with kids and gymnastics. In short kristyna kolocova is one best girlfriend so this volleyball Player finds a best boyfriend.

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