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Kris Jenner New Boyfriend 2016 Corey Gamble after EX Husband Bruce Jenner

Kris Jenner becomes their new boyfriend bf 2016 is known to be Corey Gamble after her EX Husband Bruce Jenner both having very interesting relation of this modern age. Kris Jenner relation with their new boyfriend is the example of the modern lovers that’s say love is everything and no more anyone instead of love and love doesn’t see the age of anyone rather than young heart. Corey Gamble has very strong body, hot boy that’s known to be their excellence of romance. Both are met during arrive back from California and looked to each other with loved up at airport in Van Nuys. There are some source said that’s she is looking to him with loved up couple and going to close with him and holding their hand with love and falling love with Gamble. Kris Jenner is one of the best celebrities and very famous due to their profession because she is also business women and well known how to do business with anyone in advanced manners. Jenner runs their own production company in Los Angeles is known as Jenner communication and their business also supported by their grand children’s and also by their daughter.

Kris Jenner Corey Gamble

Kris Jenner new boyfriend Corey Gamble having no matched the age difference but some sources said that Gambles connected with her just for dollars and Kris is not more genius and also involves the scandal with them. Kris is known as best Television personalities of America and also author and appears on keeping up with the kardasians kourtney and Khloe take Miami and other famous talk shows. She divorces form lawyer and after that she married again with Bruce Jenner but now this time she live separately and attach with their new boyfriend Gamble. One interesting talk about her, Kris becomes two time plastic surgery to enhance their breast and excessive work done on her nose. Kris and Corey both becomes romantic couple and don’t end on going to bed but having modern friendship.

Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble after EX Husband Bruce Jenner Pictures

A twist in this relation is also come when ex husband Bruce Jenner sees that he wear wedding ring of Kris Jenner. This thing shows that till this pretty lady is remain in his heart and he desired to regain this relationship. While close source of Kris says that she disconnects her wife relation with Bruce from couple of years ago and they never slept with each other. Now as Kris Jenner find new boyfriend 2016 Corey Gamble she goes 40 years back and enjoy as much as she feel in this age. So it’s not chance that Kris Jenner goes back to Bruce because he find new guy Corey Gamble that is also prove best bed partner.

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