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Kreayshawn Boyfriend Husband Father of Baby Daddy is Who

She is the daughter of Elka (mother) while there is no news about her biological father. Kreayshan took a music inspiration from her mother. At school, she was taught in a different way like as she receives practical education more than the academic curriculum.  She did not receive basic education from both schools. At 10, she owned a video camera and started recording songs and films that mostly reflect her personal life. When her mother left her with her friends she began to make an experience in cinematography by recording daily activities and other music videos. A head of a top Film Institute liked her work and granted her a scholarship. In a meanwhile, her friends highlights her strong points and forces to start own career. Subsequently, she started her professional life by following hip hop group however later on the group split up.

  • Kreayshawn Boyfriend: Single

Her personal life is full of mystery. Kreayshawn had many relations in the past and has one child. In some ways, she has kept her private life secret as it is not clearly mentioned anywhere who is the father of her son. Though, it is supposed that DJ Two Stacks is her Baby’s Daddy.

Couple of years ago she discloses the news about her pregnancy and welcomed a son. She is also related to Lil B and Drake. But none of the evidence was seen. All the mentioned love stories were considered as rumors.

  • Who is her Husband? Not Married


She got fame from her first single. Thereafter, a Record label approaches her and signed an agreement with her. Four years ago, she released her debut album. She has received an award for her performances. Currently, she is hosting a program on Dash Radio. Till now she has earned Thousands of dollars from her multiple resources. Although his love life has many up and down, but she always manage to take it away from public. As she is mother of a kid but from year she undisclosed him. There is not any genuine news that when and who she will marry, so wait until she will find loyal one.

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