Kijafa Frink NFL Player Michael Vick Wife Girlfriend 2015

We know that Kijafa Frink got married with Michael Vick in year 2012 in a romantic way at a beach in USA date was 30th June. Further marriage details of Kijafa Frink NFL player Michael Vick wife current update in 2015; remember that this is the same lady who also spend a handsome time with this man as a girlfriend, in short they have been together for a decade: They started their relationship since 2002 but he proposed her on her birthday on Dec 2009. It is said by Kijafa that she just really likes Michael, he is quite and very humble guy, he is very down to earth. They got married in year 2012, we can say that it’s been years after years that have been passed on now and this couple have just been together years after years, We can say that just both of them have this fantastic life going on, they are just enjoying a lot with their daughters! They have two daughters named as

  • Jada
  • London

If they can live together for decade then we are sure that they will also be living together for years after years, Kijafa Frink is a producer and she has also been given this rank to be called as one of the hottest wives of National Football League players.

“Couple “

NFL Player relation

“Michael Vick Relation with Tameka Taylor in Past”

He has a son also named as Mitez, he was born in 2002 and it was from his relationship with Tameka Taylor. Though they have a son but it was seen that when Tameka Taylor gave birth to their son then they just ended up their relationship. Then later on he started dating Kijafa Frink and also tied a knot with her.

Short Professional Overview: For the information, he is this amazing American football quarterback of the NFL. Previously he played from Falcons and after ending up of contract he played from the team of Pittsburgh Steelers .

  • Player Michael Girlfriend 2015: Spend a Happy Life with Wife

Both, Kijafa Frink and Michael Vick do not have that long list of girlfriends an boyfriends, they just remain to be stick with each other, they are having this happy married life of them and we hope that may they remain just like this for years after years. More this year 2015 the lives happenings of Kijafa Frink and Michael Vick are also covers in upcoming days as it revealed.

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