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Kid Rock Girlfriend 2019 Wife: Who is Kid Rock Married to?

The married life of Kid Rock is not as lucky as the other aspects of his life. He shared the marriage vows to Pamela Anderson in 2001 in a private ceremony. They encounter during the VH1 performance before getting marriage two years before. Five months later, the couple divorced stating ‘personal differences’. Before the marriage, he was already the father of one child. Baby’s mother is not mentioned anywhere. He fostered him up as a single parent and is still living with him.

Kid Rock Girlfriend 2019:

  • According to latest updates, Audrey Berry is the Kid Rock girlfriend 2019.

Nowadays, the news of his engagement with Audrey Berry is circulated over the Internet. Resources argue that they were together since the last 7 years. He has also dedicated a song to her. There is no news about their marriage.

Kid Rock Wife 2019:

  • There is no news about the marriage of Kid Rock and Audrey Berry.

His Photo with Ex:

Kid Rock relation

 Dating History of Kid Rock:

As he had been tied the knot with Pamela and within no time they decided to end this journey. So, to get himself out from this split up, he was involved in a few other relations.

One of his Ex:

  • Jaime King

Kid Rock relation

His other ex GF list is too long, so among them, few names are here.

  • Paris Hilton

and Sheryl Crow. They are best co-singers to, his association with Sheryl on a song still makes him notable in US hip-hop list.

Kid Rock relation

Has he Married Again?

  • Wife: Yet Not

Who is Kid Rock Married to 2019?

  • Girlfriend and Fiance: One and Only Audrey Berry

With her A Picture:

Kid Rock relation

Current Status:

Engagement closes down all kind of speculations about his personal life. Surely within one or two years, they will go for a happy married life.

Short Career Detail of Kid Rock:

In his childhood days, Kid Rock fascinated to rapping. Just then, he took lessons of break dance and began participating in different talent shows in Detroit. He joined Romeo High School and took the responsibilities of DJ also became a member of Bo Wisdom of Groove Time Productions. At that time, he was given the name of Kid Rock.

Jive Records was much satisfied by his performance when he signed with Boogie Down Productions so Jive Records approaches him and did an agreement with him for an album. Thus, he released his debut album ‘Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast’ in 1990. Consequently, he traveled to Brooklyn to become a more competent star in the industry.

During 1990-1997, he performed both hip hop and rap. With Atlantic Records, Kid Rock recorded super-hit singles and gained the attention of his fans. In 1998, his album ‘Devil Without a Cause’ was speculated as the successful album and around 14 million copies were sold across the world.

the one and only Kid Rock

Followed by the success, he released a compilation album ‘The History of Rock’ that was based on previous albums also the super-hit single ‘American Bad Ass’. His association with Sheryl Crow on song ‘Picture’ still makes him notable in US hip hop list as it was accounted at the 4th position on Hot 100.

In 2007, he launched one more recognized album ‘Rock n Roll Jesus’, which contain the hit single ‘All Summer Long’. So one after the other he released many singles and albums that were immensely known worldwide. It is believed that Kid Rock has earned around $80 Million from being an actor, singer, songwriter, rapper, musician and record producer.

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