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Who is Kian Lawley Girlfriend Dating in 2016

He is just 20 years old YouTube personality turned actor, many of his fans are quite and much curious to know about his dating as well as personal life. We came to know that he has not a long list love and right now, he is living a single life. He used to have one girlfriend but now they have broken up. Let us all peek into Kian Lawley relationship details that with who he is dating in 2016? But start form his Breakup with Andrea Russett: He had a relationship with her; it was just for a time frame of 2 years that they remained together. They had their videos together and some special kind of chemistry was between them! Their fans had all the time got excited to see them together. When they had their breakup news then it was a massive blow to their fans.

Current Relationship Status: Single

Will this Couple be Dating for one More Time?

This news came in last year that Kian Lawley and Andrea Russett might be dating for one more time! There were reports that both of them will be seen cuddling in some video and there are chances that both of them will once again be resuming their relationship. But that did not happen! When both of them shared this news of having a video together then their fans started to speculate and estimate that their romance and love will once again be renewed up.

Kian Lawley relation

Basically these speculations rose when he published a new video that was titled as Kissing My Ex Girlfriend. If you have seen that clip then you have watched that he had invited Andrea onto a couch. It was said by this couple that this kind of video was quite weird to do for both of them but they made this video just for their fans. Both of them had their own high and low end in their relationships. Though they have broken up but they will still be working like this!

Kian Lawley relation

  • Who is Kian Lawley Girlfriend Dating in 2016? Single

If he will be dating for one more time or if he will be resuming his relationship with his ex girl friend, it will must up to date. Right now career is his first priority, that’s why he never affords any controversy that effect on his future. This is the reason that his affairs with multiple girls has not revealed.

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