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His private life is always discussing in the media. In addition, several magazines and celebrities did an interview to know about his personal/love life and asked silly questions many times. At first, it seems that Kevin Spacey was not interested in giving the answers of questions related to his relation. And then the media thought that he is transgender as he is still single. He broke the news in the media by saying that everyone has its own personal life and he is also looking for it but he is still single. Years back, he took his girlfriend along with him at the Academy Awards and paid her gratitude for being with him in the acceptance speech. Reports claimed that her girlfriend name was Dianne Dreyer and was a script supervisor by profession. Couple of years ago he and Ashleigh Banfield was also spotted but later on this couple cleared that they are only friends.

Who is Kevin Spacey Married to?

  • Wife: Single

He is one of the great American actors was born in South Orange. His father was a data consultant and technical writer by profession while, his mother worked as a secretary. He has two older sibling’s one sister and one brother. He is of three descents (Swedish, English and Welsh).

Kevin Spacey relation

As a young boy, he was considered as a troublemaker and was suspended from school because of his silly acts. At first, he attended the Military Academy. Later, went to High School and then went to university to receive his graduation degree. While still in the High School, he starts focusing on acting and was appeared on school’s stage productions.

After school, he got an opportunity on the amateur comedy club circuit as a comedian. While working there he improved his acting skills. First at Julliard in New York City he attended the drama program that was recommended by his former classmate and he studied there. In the following year, he began his professional career from a stage actor. Since then he has appeared in a couple of movies and series.

  • Who is Kevin Spacey Wife? Single

He is so lucky to receive the ‘Academy Award’ for best supporting actor for his film. He has also received other bunch of awards, because of his hard work. He has made a huge amount of fame that he actually deserves. He has an estimated net worth of $ 80 million. Because of professional life he was failed to found a girlfriend, till he is not married. In the intervening period of time its not sure that is he aim to tie knot or not.

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