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Kevin Costner Wife 2021 Girlfriend: Who is Kevin Costner Married to?

90s was quite a colorful period for Kevin Costner. He was enjoying fame and appreciation on the work front but was facing a rough patch with his wife. Before becoming a star he was a dedicated and focused husband to his wife who he fell in love with during his college time. The glitz and glamour of being a star took over him and he failed to take himself away from the several women hitting on him. He then got divorced from his wife after a while. He was a ladies’ man after his divorce and dated almost every single lady around. He took his own sweet time to find his true soul mate.

Kevin Costner Wife 2021:

Yes, Christine Baumgartner is Kevin Costner’s wife 2021. Before the second marriage, Costner had perfectly tackled many women in his life and when engaging with women the problems and cheating come in naturally. Furthermore, he was not lucky with his first marriage and has even faced a divorce. But now it seems like luck is on his side as he gets married for the second time.

Definitely, he has mended his ways and now become a successful husband with kids. His journey with this lady has been an interesting one and was a blend of good and hard times.

Who is Kevin Costner Married to?

With various twists and turns in his married life, Kevin is happily married to Christine who is 20 years younger than him. They have been married for 18 years and have 3 kids together.

Kevin Costner Girlfriend 2021:

  • Gorgeous Christine Baumgartner is his 2021 girlfriend and wife.

Kevin Costner and Christine together

Kevin Costner Baby Mother:

With Bridget Rooney, Kevin wanted to keep the issues under wraps but couldn’t hide it for long and this was quite a story for the tabloids in 1995.

Moreover, in 1996 Bridget was reported as his baby mother. Kevin wasn’t aware of his son’s existence during his birth time and found later on when Bridget claimed Liam to be Kevin’s son. She even demanded a test to get a proof of baby daddy and the results came out as positive.

Another Relationship of Kevin Costner:

Kevin was infatuated to Halle Berry, while he was married to his first wife. Helly was a budding actress at that time and Kevin and Helly made headlines on various newspapers for their closeness. The two are great friends till date and often hang out together although they have never confirmed to be a couple

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