Kendall Jenner Or Gigi Hadid Who is Lewis Hamilton Dating New Girlfriend in 2015

Racers are always aggressive in field because he tries his level best to compete his co racer. He takes care of every second during race because each second plays a role in final result. This is the reason that racers are always more intelligent and aggressive then other. Here we talks about a top racer named Lewis Hamilton, during these days he is not aggressive on race track. Because he is surrounded by couple of pretty girls Kendall Jenner Or Gigi Hadid who is Lewis Hamilton dating new girlfriend in 2015? Is major question that is circulating in every mind. He enjoys the company of both of these girls that why it’s not come clear that who is next to make couple with this racer man. If one going in some more deep of this story then initially Lewis Hamilton and Gigi Hadid sees together in a party like a couple. After this rumors come that they are romantically linked, this rumor is confirm when they again seems to enjoy in a party together.

Till its Confusion among these Who is next girlfriend of Lewis Hamilton Soon this must be Distinguish among both Of THEM.

Lewis Hamilton relationship with Gigi Hadid

Twist comes in this love story when another beauty queen Kendall Jenner makes her entry with Lewis Hamilton. Love rumors come on media when Kendall wears personal chain of Hamilton that raise number of question. This is first time when a girl wears his personal that shows that a serious relation must arise that makes them close together. It’s also true that Kendall Jenner is enough beautiful that she attract him towards herself. After permanent splits of Lewis Hamilton from his long lasting ex girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger this is first time when she starts dating with these two beauties. They break off this relationship after number of ON and OFF splits and then back together. Nicole Scherzinger also gives her opinion about these relationships that till its look like that Gigi Hadid is next girlfriend of Lewis Hamilton.

Prediction that Who is Lewis Hamilton Dating New Girlfriend in 2015 Between Kendall Jenner Vs Gigi Hadid:

According to our sources and current circumstances Kendall Jenner comes in this story to just create hype. She has not stamina to spend a long time with a man, so most expected Gigi Hadid is the name that is the next girlfriend dating with Lewis Hamilton. Further story must clear in upcoming days.

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