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Keanu Reeves Wife Girlfriend Is Keanu Reeves Married Or Single In 2020

Overall, the private life of Reeves is very sad and depressing. Because, he lost his loved one including his stillborn daughter, long-term girlfriend Jennifer Syme and his very close friend ‘River Phoenix’. Let’s check out the story of his Ex Baby Mama: In 2000, Reeves’s girlfriend Jennifer gave birth to their stillborn daughter and they called their daughter ‘Ava’. Rumors are that the birth of the baby became the reason to get separate from each other. After separation, they were in touch as friends. Unfortunately a year later Jennifer was murdered in a car accident and then his life was surrounded by grief.

In addition, Reeves is linked to several beauties of the industry. In 2008, he had feelings for China Chow, an actress. The duo made a formal appearance at the Cannes Film Festival. Soon after, the couple broke up and then he was seen with Parker Posey, an actress.

Moreover, throughout his career, his name is associated with numerous ladies such as Jamie Clayton, Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron, and many others.

  • Is Keanu Reeves Married?

Keanu Reeves Wife:

  • Yet, he has tied wedding know with any of GF.

Keanu Reeves Girlfriend 2020:

  • Yes, Alexandra Grant is the name of Keanu Reeves girlfriend 2020 and they are secrelty in relation from years.

A pic with Ex:

Keanu Reeves relationships

Is Keanu Reeves Single now?

  • Yes

In below pic, the mystery girl along with Keanu is probably his current partner. But it’s not sure.

Reeves relation

Short Bio on Keanu Charles:

Outstanding Canadian celebrity Keanu Charles Reeves an actor, musician, and producer was born in Beirut, Lebanon. (Patricia), Reeves mother was a costume designer by profession where his biological father was a geologist. His parents had an unpleasant relationship and they eventually broke up when he was just 3 years old.

After the second marriage of his mother, they began living in Canada and got Canadian citizenship. Paul Aaron was one of his stepfathers and was associated with the industry. Reeves landed into the show business with the help of Aaron.

He had spent a very miserable childhood. Reeve’s mother was busy in her life that’s why Reeves and his step-sister were raised by his grandparents and babysitters. Well, the academics life Reeves was not as good as he was dropped out of school because of a lack of interest in studies. He was more involved in dramatics and ice-hockey.

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