Katinka Hosszu Husband Shane Tusup

A complete relationship story of Katinka Hosszu Husband Shane Tusup is tried to cover here. Katinka Hosszu is also great player of swimming and there are so many people in the world that a woman is stand behind successful men but Katinka Hosszu and her husband Shane Tusup proves that it becomes wrong because Hosszu becomes successful due to their husband. Shane is also coach of swimming and really helps his wife in the profession and due to his hard working Hosszu won a lot of titles and awards. Hosszu and Shana both spend mostly 24-hours together enjoyable life. She also said about their husband she need to the shoulders that’s supported in their game and slightly helped out in their profession and don’t anyone becomes part of her life. This couple having different and unique longtime relation as compares to other best couples in the world and there is not wrong to say both becomes to each other in their life. Hosszu is very fond swimming and becomes excellent records in their professional career.

katinka hosszu wedding with coach

Katinka Hosszu and their husband Shane Tusup played together this game and Tusup having extra skill and different techniques how to won the game of swimming in efficient and his wife learn from him a lot of techniques. Due to his husband supported she becomes 69 world his cup and also won world championship of the year 2013. She is professional Hungarian swimmer and swims with Vasas SC under the attention of their husband. She competed three times summer Olympics and become two time world champions and won two times silver and bronze medal in their bright career. She is only girl that’s break two times world record in swimming during world cup series of the year 2013. Katinka Hosszu and his Husband Shane Tusup both too much love with each other and don’t live without them in this life.

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