Kat Von D Boyfriend 2018 Husband Who is Married to Now

Up till Kat Von D is married once that has lasted for four years. Oliver (Ex Husband) is her fellow tattoo artist. A year later of this divorce, Von D found her love again. When she began dating to a bassist Nikki Six. After having good times with him for two years they ultimately broke up. Later on, she got engaged to the CEO of a top clothing brand and a TV personality named Jesse James. But after a time period of eight months, this duo called off their engagement. In below, one can find the current status of this Tattoo artist that who is Kat Von D boyfriend in 2018? During last days, she steps out with a new mystery man. But no one knows that who is he? Maybe he is her boyfriend or just friend.

For the last time, she was seen with Canadian music producer named Joel Zimmerman. She made a star tattoo below his eyes to express her love. Zimmerman proposed her over social media, eventually, she accepted his proposal and they engaged. But after one year, they terminated their relationship due to Zimmerman’s infidelity allegation.

  • Kat Von D Boyfriend 2018: Single

 “Picture of Kat Von D along with Last Fiance Deadmau5 “

Joel Zimmerman relation

 “Kat Von D Ex as Well First Husband”

A love story with Oliver Peck is her first one. Because both of them are belonging to same work so they spend maximum time together during working as well in off work hours; in her number of the interview she said that this is her best part of life. Later on, after spending four years they decide for divorce that is final after a year when they apply for it.

Kat Von D relation

 “Kat Von D Husband 2018: Single”

As in this period of time, she also indulges in drinking so she accepts that the major reason for her break off married in this bad. This is the reason that after finalizing of divorce she decides to quit off this habit. Then in the same year of split up three new relationships are also come at media with two names:

  • Steve-O
  • Alex Orbison

First, two relations are ended up in the same year. She engaged with last two boyfriends, this is the major reason for arising questions like who is Kat Von Husband married to now. Source confirms that she decides to become Single until she finds a right partner for her. So no one claim that he is Kat Von D Boyfriend 2018 until she gets a loyal man for herself.

Kat Von D Boyfriend 2018 Husband Who is Married to Now

Bio: This distinct American lady was born to German father Rene and Italian-Spanish mother Sylvia. At 4, her family shifted to Los Angles and then rose in Colton, by her parents. Von D took piano training at the age of six and escalating a liking for German pianist and composer Ludwig. Her grandmother had an important role in shaping out her career. Now, she is a well-known lady of the industry as a tattoo artist, TV personality, and entrepreneur.

Career: At 14, she had her first tattoo on the ankle and at 16 she suspended from school to become a tattoo artist. Immediately, she was employed by the local professional shop as an artist. Von D polished her skills and got experience by working in various tattoo shops and Inflictions for the next few years and then got recognition from True Tattoo.

Twelve years ago, she prevails an opportunity at ‘Miami Ink’. Till now, she is acclaimed for her appearance on TLC reality television show as a tattoo artist. Afterward, she introduced world’s leading cosmetics line as well as a clothing line.

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