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Kanye West Valentine’s Day 2015 Gift to Kim Kardashian

Kanye west and Kim Kardashian are the worlds most famous couple which is widely covered by the media. There love story has made a record in the world.Kim kardashian and kanye west valentine’s day is the the upcoming event which will be under the great coverage of Media. There are many sources which are making ideas that where the couple is going to celebrate their valentines day. Kanye West Valentine’s Day 2015 Gift to Kim Kardashian and the venue where they are going to express the love with both is given here. Valentines day is considered as one of the special day for all lovers and when it comes to the most popular couple with a lot of love for each other, so something is going to be special between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on Valentine’s day 2015. Kim is a reality TV personality and star and on the other hand there is famous rapper hubby Kanye West. So this year you will be surprised to hear what we are going to let you know under here. Kim and her hubby were use to break the internet and now they are going to break the Valentines day reservation lines.

Kanye West Valentine’s Day 2015 Gift to Kim Kardashian

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The couple, Kim and Kanye West are the subjects of the Brooklyn restaurant Bruice on the Valentines day. The whole dinner of Valentines day has been themed on the famous couple. Last year there was beyonce to whom the eatery devoted its most romantic and bestlicious menu on the day of Valentine . This year it is going to something special because they have both options of menu: Kim and Kanye. There are many dishes which are special in Mrs. West’s five course including Chicken Fried. Rump Roast and Karrot Kake.

Kanye West Valentines Gift to Kim:

So that is the gift of the Kanye west to Kim that they are going to the Brooklyn as well for the day of valentines.

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