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Kaepernick Girlfriend 2015 Nessa Dating Aldon Smith Ex

This year it was reporting that Kaepernick got into the fight with Aldon Smith and the problem was Nessa! They get into this fight because Colin Kaepernick started dating his ex girl friend Nessa. She and Aldon Smith were in a relationship till at the start of this year. Then we saw that later on this year, he also share some photos with his fans and he was also apparently enjoying a tasty meal with this pretty lady. At the time when they open this relation, fans also took photos with both of them and they also tagged them in those photos at social media. This love story is really looks special for media because right after few hours of revealing, it get hype at social as well print media.

She is Ex of Another NFL Player

It was too happened this year that Aldon Smith was arrested because he hit a parked car and it was the valid news report that this car actually belonged to Colin Kaepernick. Smith showed this aggression because he was jealous and quite disturbed that why he has been dating his ex girl friend? This is not first time that has been taken into police custody because is paste this it’s happened three times.

Her Pic with Aldon:

Kaepernick relations

If one overview about the dating life of Kaepernick who had been in the relationship of this American player, in just of 27 years age. One must strange to know that he has a list of girlfriends in past and now in 2015 starts dating with Nessa.

Ex Relationships Overview:

  • Corban Finnel

Their relationship only remained to two years that start from 2011 and going to end in 2012.

Kaepernick relations

  • Monica Hargrove

It was also a short time relationship; they just had a split right after one year!

Kaepernick relations

  • Stacy Dazzle in 2013

We saw that he dated with this girl for just a little span of time and then they had a split.

  • Sanaa Lathan

At start of this story it looks that they must spend a handsome time together because both of them makes a handsome couple. But this story is also ended up after a year.

Kaepernick relations

  • Teyana Taylor

Now this year in 2015: Nessa

Now you must be clear that with whom Kaepernick has been dating, because at start of this relationship number of worst things starts to happen so everyone expect that again this relation is for short period of time! If he will be dating some other girl then it will update because we try to get every of his latest news.

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