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K Michelle has three siblings, two brothers and one sister. Beautiful Shakemiya Battle is her one year elder sister. After completion of her studies form University, she had started her singing career. She is blessed with strong vocal features. Due to this quality she signed to record Jive. From then she released her three albums. She got fame when she appears as a member of famous reality show. Apart from the professional life, she was the girlfriend of Memphitz. Due to unethical, abusive and violent behavior of Memphitz they got separated. Thus this relationship lasted for just few years. It is revealed that K. Michelle is the single parents of a son. She had not married and has a kid; he is now 8 years old named Chase Bowman. Who is the father of the little boy it is still a big confusion. But the rumors are that Memphitz is the father of Chase Bowman because he threatened to kill her and her son. When media asked about her baby father, she replied that he is his friend in past but now he had married to another lady.

Ex Relation: In past she also had romanced with Idris Elba, even they had stayed together in one house. In her latest interview she shared her bed experience that how must they are passionate during romance. But again this story was ended when he cheated her on his baby mama. This break up was quite difficult to bear for her.

K Michelle relation

When she does not do any work, she loves to paint, travel, décor, sew and to do hangout with her family and son. At present she is about to launch her album and now she is working on it.

With Ex Memphitz

K Michelle relation

Early Life: Her birth name is Kimberly Michelle Pate. She used to say about her parents that her parents played an important role in growing me up. By profession she said that her mother was a stage mom and her father always reminded of a great person named Joe Jackson. She barely talks about her mother because she is living quite distantly from her. At the age of 6 her mother and father decided to live in the famous city of U.S, Detroit for good. When she was at the age of 7, her mother and father got separated. After separation her father moved to Georgia and now he is living there. And she moved with other family members to her grandmother in Valdosta. But in one interview she said about her parents that they are still living together. What’s the truth no one knows!

With Last Boyfriend Lance Stephenson

K Michelle relation

Current Relationship Status:

  • Single

Last she had dated with Lance Stephenson, after this break up she is single. In 2016 again she was talking about her ex boyfriend Idris that he hurt her. Although he hurts her but it happened in past so now she must needs to move forward. Who she is dating or is married to with next boyfriend is not possible to describe right now because these things will clear when she looks with next boyfriend and get rid from past relations.

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