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Josh Dun has a very reserved personality. During the professional career, Dun was not bonded with anyone else except Debby Ryan. In May 2013, Dun was attracted to Debby Ryan, American singer, songwriter, actress, record producer, and musician. Unfortunately, certain issues arose between them and then they involved in controversies. In the end, they had an luckless relationship. Therefore in September 2014, they split up. But, the engagement news of Josh Dun and Debby Ryan was unexpected for everyone. Surely, they have sort out their issues and decided for a back together.

  • Who is Josh Dun Married to?

Josh Dun Wife 2021:

  •  She is the pretty Debby Ryan

After marriage, both of them are avoiding to reveal any such type of personal stuff. But, from few of their appearances, one thing is sure that they managed their life in good manners.

Josh Dun Girlfriend 2021:

  • His girlfriend turned wife is Debby Ryan.
  • They married back in 2019 and happy now.

Dun and Debby

Short Bio on Josh Dun:

He was born and fostered by American parents along with his three other siblings, one brother named Jordan and two sisters named Abigail and Ashley. During his childhood, his parents were stopped him to enjoy listening to music. But he was always interested in music and stays updated from people for music suggestions.

In the beginning, Dun was connected with Guitar Center for three years. In March 2010, Dun became a member of music band ‘House of Heroes’ and at 2010 end he had a love tour with them. In 2010, Dun became a fan of Twenty One Pilots songs and began listening to their songs. Chris Salih, the drummer of the band, asked him to attend their show ‘Twenty One Pilots’.

The band allured him much and then by 2011 he eventually made a decision to become a part of the band. While working with them, the band launched their second studio album by label ‘Regional at Best’. Gradually by 2013, the third album was released by ‘Twenty One Pilots’ and fourth album in May 2015. Now he is a lead drummer of the band ‘Twenty One Pilots’ and also seems like that this journey will further continue for many more years.

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