Joe Panik Engaged to Girlfriend Brittany Pinto Wife

Joe Panik is all set to tie a knot with long time girlfriend Brittany Pinto. Yes, she has been his childhood friend, now Pinto has engaged and turned out to be the fiance as well wife of Panik and sooner in this year they will be getting married. So, how both of them met? For how long they have been dating? How he proposed her? What are the wedding plans of this American professional and best of the baseball second baseman all this info is inquired here: This couple have been dating together for 9 years. It is since childhood that they know each other. After becoming friends, their friendship turned out to be a romantic and a loving one and then both of them decided that they should be spending their later part of their lives together.

It was somewhat in the month of December when he proposed his long time girlfriend. He just dropped to his one knee and both of them were there at the Central Park bridge at that time. At that park, Joe proposed his sweetheart and love of his life.

  • Girlfriend Name: Brittany Pinto

Is he Engaged to Her: Yes She is ready to become his wife

Brittany Pinto husband

They have these plans that they might be getting in this year 2016 right after the next baseball season will be completed up. It was told by her that she was not at all sure that whether he will be proposing her like this or not, she was 50 / 50 sure. But then eventually that special day of her life finally occurred when Job bend on his knees and that scene turned out to be a filmy scene. At the proposing day, they were at special train and she had no clue that Jow will actually going to do that.

Joe Panik and his girlfriend Brittany Pinto mostly spend time with each other and after Engaged this year married with each other in 2016 to become wife and husband. This couple give an ultimate and massive support to each other. May they remain happy like this! When they will be getting married, we will for sure update their wedding date. Both are also anxiously wait for these moment but their current schedule stop to do this. Their long lasting understanding shows that this relation will last forever.

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