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Jazz Jennings Boyfriend 2020: Is Jazz Jennings in a Relationship?

At the age of 5 Jazz was diagnosed with Gender disorder. She was born a male but had the appearance of a female and started to develop female characteristics. From then on she took the decision to dress like a female. Furthermore, from the age of 6 Jazz started to appear on various talk shows with her parents where they addressed the issue of how hard it was to grow up as a transgender. Her story of life was captured and told by a lot of TV shows on national television all over the USA. And no doubt, her family has been a big support and strength to her.

Jazz Jennings Boyfriend 2020:

Rumor has it that Jazz is dating a 19-year-old American guy. He is a member of a transgender community. The guy’s name is Ahmer Steward and he also appeared on I am Jazz which is a reality show produced by Jazz Jennings. In an episode of, I am Jazz Ahmer met Jazz parents and was introduced to the whole world as her lover.

Is Jazz Jennings in a Relationship?

Jazz and Ahmer have a long-distance relationship. Jazz is from Florida while Ahmer lives in Philadelphia. The couple met online and became friends and later met at a Health Conference. They developed feelings for each other and started dating.

Jazz parents do not support the relationship because they feel that long-distance bondings don’t work and their other concern is that Ahmer doesn’t have future plans too.

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Jazz Jennings

 Jazz Jennings Preferences in a Relationship:

In 2012 she came on a Television show and said that she likes boys and she would like to date a handsome looking guy in the near future. Two years later in 2014 Jazz expressed her liking for both genders. She said that she would not mind dating a girl or a guy.

Jazz Jennings wants to be A Mother:

Jazz expressed her desire to be a mother in the near future. Once she told that she liked children and she would like to be a mother to a cute baby as soon as possible. She didn’t reveal further about her guy at that time. Moreover, she is fighting now for the rights of transgender that the community will accept them as a normal person.

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