Jason Frasor Wife Laura Schmidt

Jason Frasor is best player of baseball and so famous among the people that’s having a lot of interest and love with baseball. Jason having so cute and beautiful girlfriend and she becomes their wife after very strong relationship and known to be Laura Schmidt. She is most attractive and one of those celebrities that are maintain their beauty and figure according to each season and fashion. She is also best former athletics, gymnast and coached of gym in Canada and she really known how maintain their beauty and figure with this modern age. Jason Frasor and their wife both live together with their family in Florida. Jason Frasor was born in America on August, 1977 and he is professional player of baseball pitcher and now this time he is free agent and he made their debut with Toronto Blue Jays of the MLB (Major League Baseball) of the year 2004. He also played for Chicago White Sox and Taxes Rangers and also Kansas City Royals in MLB. He played mostly by the blue jays and become team leader and also won MVP award and other titles and also played for American League.

Jason Frasor Wife Name: Laura Schmidt

 Laura Schmidt Husband

Jason Frasor and his wife Laura Schmidt met during their professional career when he played by blue Jays and both dating together and having long time relation and getting married in 2008. Now this time both are spend very happy life with their two beautiful children. There is one interesting talk Laura having no any changed in their attractive figure and beauty after the birth of two children. Jason and his wife becomes one of the best couples because she always with him in every kind of situation. This is a sign of happy family and every men desire to spend such kind of life that Jason Frasor and Wife Laura Schmidt spend in practical way.

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