James Harden Girlfriend 2015

Numbers of names are including in the girlfriend list of James Harden. But now it’s time to see the latest name James Harden girlfriend 2015 that is connecting with this basketball player. This time finally Maliah Michel is the name that makes a beautiful couple after breakup with Kyra Chaos and trina. Among these all girls the famous women that is attached is known to be Trina. Trina is an American model, rapper and become too much famous among media due to their relationship for other celebrities. Harden and Trina both are seen a lot of time. They always try in making full time romance and enjoying the real life in their professional career. Harden and their girlfriend want to long time relation in future but now this time this relation becomes controversial. Trina and Lil Wayne both are engaged and married. Both are also met on dating and other places in past and Trina become pregnant with Lil Wayne children. This new exposed later and both separate and all alone the relation. Lil Wayne is also an American rapper and too much popular due to cash money label and he is also CEO of his own imprint young money entertainment. He is also won a lot of award due to their best album or rap and he becomes a lot of studio albums. In short he snatches James Harden Girlfriend and he sees someone else.

James Harden Girlfriend 2015

James Harden gf Maliah Michel

James Harden Girlfriends List:

  • Maliah Michel
  • Kyra Chaos
  • Trina
  • Claudia Nelson’s

James Harden wan born in Aug, 1989 in America and later on becomes a professional basketball player. Starting his professional career from college and then later nominated in NBA all star of the year 2013 and becomes the rock star of the year. He is the only man that’s becomes best player of the year and selected in NBA sixth man of the year. He is the only man that’s also won gold medal and also becomes a part of United State national basketball team with winning a lot of titles and awards. Harden is also famous to promote their culture and mostly appears in their beard profiles. He always try something attractive that why James Harden Girlfriend 2015 is different name then previous one.

James Harden Girlfriend 2015 Name: Maliah Michel

This time James Harden is seeing greater loyal with this name. This is the reason that a rumor is come that soon they marry. During previous days in 2014 James Harden and his girlfriend sees t buy a engagement ring and this the major sign that at start of 2015 James Harden and his Girlfriend get married that is quite clear in upcoming days.

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